Sharok on Representation, Success & More in The Adult Industry

Sharok has become one of the biggest stars in the gay porn world in a short period of time.
Credit: Florian Hetz

Sharok, in a short period of time, has become one of the biggest stars in the gay porn world. His rugged good looks has made him a massive fan-favorite as he continues to excel in being an all-around fantastic versatile performer.

It’s an industry he’s enjoying a lot right now although it hasn’t always been that way. Sharok first entered this business at a very young age but quickly exited for reasons that still resonate with him to this day. 


Things appear to be going much better in his professional act two where he’s become a Cockyboys exclusive in recent months and is also scooping up trophies for his mouthwatering on-screen work.

He chatted with Instinct exclusively about career beginnings, how he’s managed to thrive during COVID and the importance of him continuing in his industry that goes beyond what he does in front of the camera. 

Credit: Florian Hetz

How did you find your way into the industry?


It first happened at the age of 18. A friend of mine got me a scene and it snowballed from there. It was something I always wanted to do but didn’t know how to because of my background. I didn’t feel like there was a space for anybody besides White, Black or Latino men. It just wasn’t the right time for me so I quickly made my exit and didn’t return until 2018.

Was that the main reason for you quickly exiting the porn world?  

That was the reason because there wasn’t really a place for anything besides the three. There weren’t any major Middle Eastern porn stars, really. I think, at the time, there was just Arpad Miklos prior to his passing. Other than that, I didn’t know anybody. It was just a very niche market for somebody to look like me.

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There must have been some inspirations, however, that helped you thrive as a porn star. Anyone in particular come to mind?

Francois Sagat. He’s a big inspiration to me because he transcends porn. He goes beyond by being successful in the fashion world as well. Not that there’s anything wrong with just being a porn star.

I’ve interviewed a lot of men of color who have told me varying stories about their experience in relation to their race in the industry. Have things changed for the positive for you since you re-entered your profession? 

It’s been positive. I haven’t really allowed it to be negative. I feel like the timing is right this time around.

With Brock Banks (via Instagram)

It was great seeing you win Best Supporting Actor at the GayVN’s for Timberwolves. Were you surprised?

I was definitely surprised and caught off guard. I really didn’t know what to say. I was surprised but, then, again, the movie was so great and I really enjoyed the acting part of it outside of the sex. It was a film I was really proud of.

COVID switched everything for a zillion different industries, especially the adult one. What has your career been like this past year? 


It’s been good, especially with OnlyFans becoming my primary source of income since the pandemic took over our lives. I stopped escorting as soon as COVID hit. The studios weren’t shooting as well. So a lot of us had to become really creative although it was tough at the beginning.

We had to put all of our focus into our fan content. I shot with some of my colleagues that I know who also serve the industry quite well. It was just us for a good six months making content with each other. We had to make it work, regardless, because we didn’t have unemployment coming our way.

(image via Instagram)

What about your personal life? Are you dating anyone right now? 


I’m single at the moment.

Do you prefer dating someone in your profession?

I’ve only dated other performers. I think it would be difficult at this point to date someone outside of my profession because I’m becoming more well-known, but everyone still has a shot. 🙂 

What are you also hopeful for moving forward in your career? 


As long as I keep getting work then I’d still like to be part of the adult industry. I get literally hundreds of messages from people from the Middle East and other parts of the world who stress how vital it is to see someone who looks like me in it to them. This is more important than just me making porn. 

We get below the bar representation. I’m a cross between Iranian and Turkish, that’s my heritage. There are the only two Iranians and Turkish people in the industry to my knowledge. Arad Winwin is another. We need to see more. I don’t feel like it’s covered. My hopes is that I can bust down the door and help more guys like me emerge & thrive in this business. 

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  2. Living in Mumbai (Bombay) India, I came into contact with many HOT Iranian men, most of them students here. Great bodies, handsome faces, mostly bearded, HUNG and with a manly, musky SMALE (as in smell of a male) which would really make me horny. And they knew how to fuck!!
    Sharok reminds me of some of them. One can almost SMALE him on his videos. Its a wonder that his bottoms dont sniff and lick his sweat…and he sweats a lot!
    WHAT A MAN!!

  3. Ein überaus sehr schöner , attraktiver und nicht nur erotischer Mann. Ich glaube das betrifft auch seine sehr liebenswürdige Art wie er sich selbst darstellt.
    Wünsche ihm nur das allerbeste und viel Glück


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  5. The BIG, BIG, BIG PROBLEM is that the discriminatory mentality and attitude of the US-based porn industry studios. That’s it, as simple as this !!! The US people think that there are nothing beyond their tip of their noses.

    • This applies to both the porn industry and the film industry as well, although the American film industry and gay porn are still changing, mostly African Americans, but still Asians, have been observed over the past few years. This makes it difficult for people, including those from the Middle East, to do so, but the industry in the US is unfortunately fossilized. However, I am glad that this is changing in both the film and porn industries, especially gay, and his example also proves that you can always try again your way, I am curious about his recordings when he was 18 years old.


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