Sharonne Snags The Crown On ‘Drag Race España’ Season 2

After a dynamic Season 2 (including a talent show that truly needs to be seen to be believed) Drag Race España has crowned a Season 2 winner. Sharonne rose to the top of the pack to be crowned ‘España’s Next Drag Superstar’. A seasoned queen, Sharonne rose to the top of various challenges and quickly proved herself as one of the queens to beat this season. I sat down with Sharonne to talk about her Drag Race experience, that stunning talent show and why this moment in her career is the “icing on the cake”





Michael Cook: Congrats on an absolutely epic season! What was your experience like now that Drag Race España Season 2 has wrapped up?


Sharonne: I’m very happy that someone older than average can win a contest like this. I’ve been a fan of the show for years and it has been one of the greatest joys.

MC: What are your best memories from the experience?

S: I had a great time on the show, but I will definitely remember the moments when the queens were intimate and we told each other about our lives and our battles. It is something that has united us a lot.


MC: The talent show on Drag Race España is being called the best in the history of the franchise. What do you think sets it apart and made it so special?

S: I have enjoyed every talent show I have seen in the franchise. When we were doing ours, we had no idea it would go so deep and it’s something that surprised us and gave us a lot of happiness. I think that the Spanish characters are very passionate and perhaps this has been reflected in our talent show when it comes to showing who each one of us is.

MC: What brought you to the world of drag and how did you get you started?


S: From a very young age and with my first theatre company, we were already flirting with drag. It is something that has always attracted me and I didn’t hesitate for a moment to develop it using my training in different disciplines.

MC: Who was your drag mentor and what were some of the best lessons you learned?  


S: I never had a mentor. When I was starting, it wasn’t as usual as it is now where there are many young people who ask me to be their drag mum. I did have great references in music and cinema, and they were the ones who, little by little, helped me to understand where my drag was going to go.

MC: What do you have planned next post-reign?

S: For the moment, the most immediate is the premiere of Queens to the Rescue, a new format where four queens help people who need to clear their path to acceptance or to be accepted in rural environments. And we start the tour of the ‘Gran Hotel de las reinas’ that will take us until almost the end of the year with performances all over Spain.


MC: What are you the most proud of right now?

S: I am one of those who believe that what you sow is what you reap, and I am very happy to have sown good vibes, discipline and good work with those close to me. Although logically in the program I’ve been judged for my work within it, but on a personal level, for me, it’s the icing on a cake that I’ve been baking for many years.

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