Shelley Morrison Passes At Age 83

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Karen Walker’s Knee-Slapping Funny Maid Rosario Has Tragically Passed From Heart Failure

Will & Grace has been a beloved show for decades and is known as one of the most prominent series showcasing the LGBTQ community in mainstream media. With their most recent revival, we’ve been struck once again with memorable storylines, tongue-in-cheek humor, and iconic characters who will last for ages. In the newest reboot, we all may have recognized one legendary character was missing. Megan Mullally’s sarcastic portrayal of Karen Walker was missing her Achilles’ heel, her matter-of-fact maid, Rosario Salazar played by Shelley Morrison. Morrison did not return to the revival due to health issues and it is breaking news that Morrison has moved onto the afterlife.


According to Variety, Morrison passed today at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles after heart failure from a sudden illness at the age of eighty-three-years-old. As the news source reminds us, Morrison was only set to portray Mullally’s maid in one episode, but fan favoritism brought her back to be a regular, loveable returning character throughout the series’ run over eight years. Morrison received the Outstanding Supporting Actress Award in 2001 from the American Latino Media Arts. She is survived by her husband, Walter Dominguez.

Let’s honor Morrison by remembering her hysterical banter with Mullally below:

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