SJP Showcases ‘The New Samantha’

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Nicole Ari Parker Is In Full Character As The Fourth Friend In New Photos Of SATC’s Reboot

The Sex in the City revival, Just Like That, is starting to become like realizing its your ex-boyfriend’s wedding tomorrow. You can’t help but view the photos and eavesdrop on all the gossip, but you almost don’t want it to happen, right? By now, and especially after John Oliver’s rant, you know that Kim Cattrall isn’t returning as sexpot Samantha Jones. Thankfully, she’s not being replaced, technically. We all knew at some point that they’d have to find a fourth friend to join Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte (Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis). While many of us don’t appreciate the sting of our favorite gal pal, all of the behind the scenes photos have driven up a handful of excitement. And seeing the girls together, with the ‘New Samantha’, is still comforting despite devastating.  


According to Entertainment Weekly, Nicole Ari Parker, known for her acting roles in Remember the Titans and Chicago PD, is joining as the official fourth friend to our leftover trio. Parker is stunning at fifty-years-old and charmed her way into becoming Boris Kodjoe’s wife for the last sixteen years. Parker will portray Park Avenue mother of three, Lisa Todd Wexley. Which is already raising some suspicions on how Carrie will fair as the only childless friend in her close social circle. To solidify the fourth friend, SJP herself posted new behind the scenes photographs on her social media before we get official press images. Could she be trying to rub this in Cattrall’s face or is she simply just happy to be returning as Carrie Bradshaw?


We’re still a long ways away from the official release date as the series is currently being filmed, but damn even those No Sex Without Samantha devotees can’t think the reboot could be shaping up to be as exciting as the next Avengers film. It’s great to see friends back together…even if one is missing.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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