Sniffies Releases its 2023 DownLoad

2023 has been a super cruisy year thanks to Sniffies, the map-based meetup & cruising platform for gay, bi, and curious guys. The platform is now revealing how their users spent their time hooking up and getting together in 2023.

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The Sniffies DownLoad 2023 highlights Sniffies data and metrics over the course of the year to reveal how the platform was used and spotlights key trends by users in America and across the globe.


Key data highlights include, Horniest City, Favorite Places to Cruise, Most Active Day on the Platform, Most Popular Position, MVK (Most Valuable Kinks) and many more stats and rewards for over performing cities.

Wolfgang, Sniffies AI Brand Ambassador will begin to announce winners and rewards across all Sniffies social platforms throughout the end of 2023. Branded infographics and videos will offer Sniffies users the chance to see how their city ranked on each platform. Each asset will be shareable to users’ personal networks for bragging rights, as they helped compile the hard earned data.

Eli Martin, CMO and Creative Director of Sniffies shares:

Thrilled to witness our users constantly evolving. This year, we noticed a fascinating surge in activity from our straight-curious users and those diving deeper into their personal kinks. Sniffies is the go-to for the curious, and we’re eager to forge more connections within our vibrant cruising community in 2024.


Are you curious? Where do you fall in the DownLoad 2023 results?

The Sniffies DownLoad 2023 


Horniest City – (Highest number of sessions based on geographic area)

  1. Los Angeles
  2. New York
  3. Dallas
  4. Chicago
  5. Atlanta

Horniest Country (Highest number of sessions based on geographic area)

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Canada
  3. Australia
  4. Ireland
  5. Mexico

Rookie Of the Year (Percent growth compared to 2022)

London (475% growth in usership) 


MVK (Most Valuable Kinks) (Highest reported kinks in profile)

  1. Edging
  2. Porn 
  3. Cum Play 
  4. Groups 
  5. Facials

Most Discreet City (Highest number of discreet sessions)



Favorite Places to Cruise (Based on cruising area check ins)

  1. Park
  2. Restroom
  3. Residential Tower
  4. Gym
  5. University

Most Valuable Position (Highest reported position in profile)

  1. Vers 25.5%
  2. Top 15.7%
  3. Bottom 15.5%
  4. Vers-bottom 13.6%
  5. Vers-top 10.0%


Average Reported D Size (Based on profile reporting)

6.67 Inches (vs 5.1 average)


Group Attendance

Roughly 900,000 Group Attendees in 2023

Largest Group


204 attendees to a single group in (Boston)

Case of the Mondays (Based on session data)


The Sniffies platform sees the most action on Mondays 

A Big Year For the Straights (Based on reported orientation in profile)

This year saw a 290% growth in straight-curious users

Chattiest City


Philadelphia sent the most messages

Chicago sent the least


Most Photogenic City

Seattle sent the most photos 

Washington DC sent the least

Source: Sniffies

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