Some Of Our Favorite Instagram Posts This Week

Sharing some favorite Instagram posts from the week including Johnny Middlebrooks, Austin Wolf, and Nyle DiMarco
L-R Johnny Middlebrooks, Austin Wolf, and Nyle DiMarco (via Instagram)

Ending the weekend with some of our favorite Instagram posts from the week Beginning with Nyle DiMarco, who proved that Chicago is, indeed, hot:

Sterling Walker celebrated his buddy Ken’s 50th trip around the sun up in Park City:

THAI chilled in a giraffe onesie:

Randy Kaufman and boyfriend Nickolas smiled for the camera during their anniversary dinner:

Lenny Kravitz couldn’t decide what to wear for his Vogue photoshoot…

…while Tom Daley struck a pose for NumeĢro Netherlands…

…and photographer Maxwell Poth captured a wet Joel Kim Booster for an Out Traveler cover shoot:

Shade Andrew was packing it up on his way to France #VivaLaPecs

Austin Wolf took a mile-high selfie (solo this time):

Peanut the squirrel and his hooman were doing cardio getting ready for beach body summer time:

Johnny Middlebrooks has been his own barber for years…?

Matthew Camp and Willem served up some “Iconic Justice” in living color:

Keiynan Lonsdale wins best caption of the week: “Afro comb comin in hot.”

Chris Dolkens gave you porn stache and manspread all in the same pic:

Richard Hadfield wondered if anyone else get’s shy taking a gym selfie?

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