Spit-Happy Teen In Custody After Anti-Gay Harassment Video Spreads Across The Internet

Screenshots via Reddit @PublicFreakout

A video is starting to trend online of a teenage boy harassing a gay couple in the middle of Amsterdam.

The video, which you can find below or over at Reddit, shows an unnamed youth recording himself and a gay couple traveling in the Netherlands. The boy is seen yelling out anti-gay sentiments at the couple.


“Amsterdam, gays are not normal,” the teen told the gay couple as they recorded his tirade. He also included phrases like “cancer homos,” “cancer suckers,” and “f****ts.”

While the couple and some bystanders tried to deescalate the situation, the police were called to the scene. Before they arrived, however, the teen rode away on the back of a scooter. According to initial reports, two teens allegedly returned to the scene after officers left. The teens then spit on the couples’ faces. This part is being considered the most serious crime because of the current pandemic.

“I really didn’t expect this in a country like the Netherlands,” wrote Fabio Viana, one of the victims, on a Facebook post that was later deleted. “Maybe in my native Brazil, but not here. If nothing is done now, they can continue with their intolerance.”

According to Dutch news source Het Parool, it didn’t take long for the police to find the young man. In fact, the teen turned himself in. The 15-year-old suspect reported himself to police on Monday. Apparently, this isn’t his first run-in with law enforcement, as his booking revealed a previous case.


In addition, the teen spoke to YouTuber Youness Ouaali for an interview (inserted below) about the incident. In the interview, the teen alleges that Viana pushed him first and the couple made anti-Muslim statements to start the fight. He then stated that he has nothing against gay people.

The teen’s lawyer, Anis Boumanjal, backs up this perspective and told reporters that the video only shows one side of the argument. For instance, several boys were involved, yet the video only focuses on one of them. The lawyer then repeated the argument that his client was “captivated by emotion and improperly expressed his anger.”

“It is probably not an excuse but a plausible explanation for the behavior of an underage child,” he added.

The case continues.

Sources: Het Parool,

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  1. everything the 15 year old did is inexcusable.

    and his story sounds dubious.

    if it is true the other couple started the fight, why didn’t he recorded it? he has a smart phone.

    then the boy ran away when police is called, if what he said is true, he should have stayed and explained to the police.


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