Stepsof2Foreigners’ Vloggers Fulfill Childhood Dream

YouTubers Adam and Bernardo departing from their stay at a treecastle in New York. (Photo Credit: Screenshot from video via Stepsof2Foreigners Official YouTube Channel)

Adam and Bernardo, the creators behind the YouTube channel, Stepsof2Foreigners, continue to make their dreams into reality.  When Instinct first reported about the married couple, Adam and Bernardo started out their desire to travel by living in an open-air cabana in Mexico. Following their stay in Mexico, the men continued their journey staying in Guatemala and Panama.


After their four-month sojourn in Central America, Adam and Bernardo returned to the United States to spend the winter in Maine.

However, once spring came the travel vloggers decided it was time to find a place to call home. Bernardo explained in one video:


“We’ve been on the road now for nine months. We left Portland, Oregon July last year, so it’s been a long time and now we’re really looking for a place for us to stay at least a year and a half, two years, because we don’t want to move around anymore, not for a while. We do have some cities in mind that we’re going to be visiting in the next month or so, and we want to make sure we spend some time in those places before we really make a final decision, so it’s gonna be fun driving around the U.S.”

Once Adam and Bernardo left the Maine cottage where they spent the winter, the men decided to go to the White Mountains National Forest to camp out in their SUV. The description for their car camping detailed:

This is our first time SUV camping in a Nissan Rogue which turned out to be harder than we thought! We’re excited to continue doing adventures like this! Wild camping in the White Mountains National Forest was pretty cool, this camp spot was free!


The men reported their plan was to travel the United States, and while their plan goes off-track due to a lack of lodging in Connecticut, they find a unique place to stay: a treecastle in Wallkill, New York.

The treecastle, according to its AirB&B page,  was a vision for the owner since he was a child and became a reality during the coronavirus pandemic.


The video of Adam and Bernardo staying in the treecastle can be seen below.

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3 thoughts on “Stepsof2Foreigners’ Vloggers Fulfill Childhood Dream”

  1. I’ve been following these guys for a couple of years now. They are a great couple that have earned my and a lot of other people’s respect and love. They are sincere and never pretend to be other than what they are which is something very rare these days.

  2. Adam y Bernardo son realmente encantadores, estoy suscrito a su canal y soy miembro de su familia Steps of Foreigners. Disfruto de sus vídeos, de sus aventuras, del amor que se tienen el uno al otro y de todos los miembros que forman parte de StepsFamily. Me enamora todo lo que hacen y comparto sus viajes, sus alegrías y también sus penas. Estoy muy orgulloso de ellos y de lo que nos aportan a todos.


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