‘Strictly’s Johannes Radebe on John Whaite’s Confession of Love

Johannes Radebe recently talked about his relationship with former ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ partner John Whaite after the latter confessed about falling in love with him.

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Whaite opened up about his feelings for Radebe in a previous interview with The Times where he also revealed how it affected his relationship with Paul Atkins, who is his partner for 15 years and now his fiancé.


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In a more recent interview with The Times, Radebe responded to his former dance partner’s confession by sharing about their relationship, stating:

“We have gone on to have such a beautiful experience together that it would be a shame if we were not friends after all that.”

(c) Instagram: @johannesradebe

“What we agreed is that, regardless of what life throws at us, we will always keep [this friendship] going. ‘We are friends for life’, I always say to him. ‘I know where you live. You cannot get rid of me’. I still speak to him,” he continued.

Moreover, the 36-year-old South African dancer and choreographer, who is openly gay, also admitted that he is now ready to find his own love.

“I want a partner. I want one. I need one. Every aspect of my life is great except for that. I deserve love and I never ever thought that I deserved to be loved in that way,” Radebe expressed.

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  1. Why don’t all the dance show let the gay dancers & gay contestants dance with the same sex, ugh I find it pathetic when they pair them to appear “straight”. Glad strictly allowed them to dance together.


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