Summer Anthem Alert: Charli XCX & Lizzo Partner Up For “Blame It On Your Love”! Hear it HERE:

From Taylor to Carly Rae to Madonna herself, the pop anthems are flying at us fast and furious, all in competition for prime summer anthem spots on our playlists. When we heard that Brit import Charli XCX was going to be teaming up with buzz generating artist Lizzo, interests were piqued. While Lizzo is already on the fast track to being cemented as a darling of the LGBT community, we wondered how a track partnering her up with an artist as musically diverse as Charli XCX would sound.


The short answer is thankfully, amazing. Charli XCX keeps her signature breathy and smart lyrical abilities firmly intact and stands on her own for the instantly memorable verses, while Lizzo checks in where she shines the best, on a slick and sensual verse of her own. She instantly shows her versatility on her own, while teaming up with artist that you would not instantly think of her partnering up with. The chorus has that summertime airy vibe that we can all expect to hear for the next couple months, and only one inevitable question remains; who is going to be churning out the (sure to be) stellar remixes on this one? 


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