Superhero Pinup Art? Yes Please!

Images via David Talaski-Brown and Teo Duldulao on Unsplash / Edited by Devin Randall

Boy, do I have some gay geek art for you!

A day or two ago, I was scrolling through Facebook (as you do) and I was suddenly assaulted with a naked Captain America. Nothing out of the normal, right? Well, usually that would be the case. But I have to say, this particular artwork was so well done that I couldn’t scroll away.


The post was a simple appreciation post between friends, but it got me thinking, “Why not share him with all of you?”

David Talaski-Brown is an artist trying to make his way in life. While the 29-year-old from Portland, OR has a broad artistic aesthetic and has played with drawing fantasy/D&D characters, it was his Marvel interpretations that got the internet’s attention.


As he told POPSUGAR about the salacious artwork:

“There’s always been a lack of sexy male art on comic convention floors. I thought this would be a fun way to create some equal opportunity when I tabled at my first convention last year. I’ve always been a big fan of midcentury pinup artists like Gil Elvgren, and the idea of putting male superheroes in similar poses and situations typically portrayed with women felt appropriate and cheeky.”


To create these viral photos, David used a Procreate app on his iPad and edited the works through Photoshop. And now, he’s selling the photos of Black Panther, Thor, Green Lantern, and more. And we can’t wait to see which characters he draws next? Deadpool and Nightwing seem to be perfect choices, but we’ll leave that up to the master artist to decide. If you want to find out too, you can follow David on Instagram or Twitter.


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