Sure, We’ll Watch A Shower Scene Starring Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo treated his fans to a live shower session on Instagram, sending more than well over a half a million into a meltdown. 

On his latest IG live event, the Manchester United megastar casually stripped down to his underwear to take a not-so-private shower session for almost a minute.  

At age 37, to say that Ronaldo is “in a good shape” is an understatement. He shows off a chiseled body, a testament to his dedication to his post-match warm-down rituals, regimented workouts and his choice of recovery training: cryotherapy.


With more than 400 million followers Instagram, Ronaldo is the most-followed athlete on the platform. Which is why it wasn’t surprising his live shower sesh managed to rake in 670,000 views in less than a minute. The comment section was flooded with his signature chant “Siuuu!” and flag emojis from people all over the globe who wanted to confirm attendance.  

He signed off with a salute and his signature kiss for the fans. 

Source: @mcfcziyad

Fans have circulated the video and screen shots on social media, leaving some feeling confused over why Ronaldo chose to film himself while showering. Did he press ‘record’ by accident? Was he bored? Or did he simply want to post an update without having to interact with anyone?  

It isn’t the first time the five-time Ballon d’Or winner went on a live stream that has left fans puzzled. Just last month, Ronaldo allowed 750k viewers watch on as he live-streamed one of his sauna sessions. 

Source: @ManUtdMEN

The video started with a sneak peek of his garden. Somewhere in the middle of the one-minute clip, CR7 poured water on sauna stones to let off more steam, but that was it. He didn’t say a single word, which baffled a lot of his viewers.  

No one knows why the Portuguese Talisman did what he did, but truth be told, we’re not complaining.  Two thumbs up from us!

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