Survey: 3 In 10 Americans Left Lockdown To Have Sex

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It looks like a lot of U.S. citizens couldn’t hold it in for the past three months, but they aren’t alone.

According to KTLA5, a new survey has found that three out of ten Americans left their homes during lockdown in order to have sex. But that’s not all, 51 percent of survey respondents say they invited their partner, who lived outside of their household, over to their home. This wasn’t the only sexy stuff going on during lockdown though. 78 percent of respondents admitted to having more sex while under lockdown and using their circumstances to spice up their sex lives with lived-in partners. But there’s only so much to do while in lockdown, as respondents found out. 65 percent of respondents said boredom was the main cause for their sexual encounters and their boredom isn’t stopping.


But who conducted this survey and how did they do it? According to the New York Post, the survey was conducted by OnePoll and MysteryVibe. They reached out to 2,000 U.S.A. citizens about their sex lives while on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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But the results also showed a negative side. As time has gone by, many respondents felt that they’d become bored of the increased amount of sex. Because of that, many have started looking for new ways to engage in sexual activity. The survey found that about 30 percent of respondents who aren’t isolating with a partner have engaged in video sex over the past three months. Plus, 18 percent said they’d engaged in phone sex. 77 percent of respondents shared the belief that sex toys have become more socially acceptable under these circumstances.

“Many people feel isolated when it comes to their sexual desires, but pleasure is something that connects all of us,” said Soumyadip Rakshit, CEO and co-founder of MysteryVibe.

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These results seem to be mirroring what’s happening over in the UK. A recent study there found that 24% of gay men had casual sex while on lockdown. The survey’s results then amounted to 57% of respondents saying they could only last up to six months. 30% said they’d wait for three months. Then 10% shared they could only hold it in for four weeks.

So, it looks like many people can’t help but want to get off while they were stuck inside. But how will the situation change as more places are starting to slowly open up again with phase 2 plans? With many people acting as if the pandemic is over, we may see a surge in sexual activity. That could also then lead to a surge of many COVID-19 and STD infections.

Health experts are monitoring the situation closely.

Source: KTLA5, New York Post,

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