Take a Peek: Smiles, Shirtlessness and More at Bear Week 2019

Credit: @newjorkjordan Instagram

One of the biggest gay events in the world, Bear Week, appears to be going pretty darn well so far.

The annual gathering takes place in Provincetown, Massachusetts, where bears and their lovers land on an island off of Cape Cod that is filled with sand, seafood and and an assortment of furry dudes available at your disposal.

Bear Week’s first weekend (it goes until this Sunday, July 21) included celebrities sightings like Pose star Billy Porter and RuPaul’s Drag Race champ Bianca Del Rio. There was also an endless bevy of shirtless action going on from one end of Commercial Street to the other. 

Take a look at what these guys have been up to amid the pandemonium and chaos that is Bear Week.






1 thought on “Take a Peek: Smiles, Shirtlessness and More at Bear Week 2019”

  1. Decent article, although you had to drill down quite a bit from the initial picture of the two definitely non-bear musclebunnies to get to the real-world look of most people who identify as “bears”. There is nothing wrong with being a musclebunny at all, but they are not the face of the bear community as it has always been defined. I suppose I am skinny-shaming musclebunnies in this, but so be it. Slightly to excessively overweight, furry, friendly men has always been the definition of “bear” because they are the diametric opposite of nose-in-the-air better-looking-than-you attitude of over-baked muscle queens strutting around looking pretty but don’t dare talk to them because they will either not acknowledge the contact at all or just look right through you as if you weren’t there.


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