Taxpayer Money Is Being Used To Hurt Our LGBTQ+ Students

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Removing conversion therapy from existence would be a wonderful thing for society, but there are some that still feel being non-heterosexual is a choice. We battle across the nation against this horrific practice, but now we are presented with more evil facts.  Sadly, your taxpayer dollars are being used by private schools via state funded voucher programs to push LGBTQ students into conversion therapy, according to Huff Post.

Calvary Christian Academy in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is one such school using the state/taxpayer funds. Members of the administration pulled an LGBT student, Megan Mishkin, out of class, and discussed with her that they believe that she is effectively broken and that conversion therapy could help her not be a lesbian anymore. In the meeting, the administration reminded Mishkin that homosexuality is wrong according to the bible and that she would have to attend counseling sessions to “discuss her sexuality” if she wishes to stay in Calvary Christian Academy.  Sounds like a little conversion therapy session sponsored by the institution.


Before this meeting, Mishkin was also barred from attending an overnight school theater trip because parents of other students were concerned about their daughters sharing a room with her because Mshkin had a girlfriend. 

The head of the school, Jason Rachels, side-stepped the accusation that the Calvary Christian Academy tries to promote conversion therapy by saying that conversion therapy, “is not a process we use or a part of a policy” at the school and that it exists “to serve families with similar values that align with our school’s statement of faith.” He also mentioned that the institution and its policies are nothing that is hidden, the embraced beliefs system is there for all to see, and they do not persuade enrollment of people with different beliefs. 

Voucher programs use taxpayer money to fund scholarships for non-affluent students and there are tax credit programs that incentivize corporations to donate to organizations that distribute private school scholarships. Calvar Christian Academy received approximately $3 million in public funding through voucher programs and tax credit programs last year alone and have been receiving funds from the program since 2012. 

Schools should be a safe space for students to learn without any problems. We know problems exist and many do not have simple solutions. But it’s quite horrendous that any school would try to push such an objectively harmful practice on their students.

Instincters, what should happen with these voucher-receiving schools and their heavy handed suggestion for students to seek counseling?

Source: Huff Post

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