Taylor Olson’s New Video ‘RudeBoy’ is Our Music Pick of the Week!

Los Angeles based singer, songwriter and rapper Taylor Olson is about to get our “pride month” heart rates going as he just released the video for his newest single “RudeBoy”.

This talented triple threat has been in and around the music industry for the better part of the 2010 decade as he released his first album back in 2013 called Rehab, which was focused strictly on pop and dance.

He then decided to do a bit of a 180 on his career stylistically by immersing himself into the world of hip-hop, a territory which used to be a “no gays allowed” situation for several years before prominent artists like Frank Ocean and Cazwell disrupted the industry and gave us a level playing field to participate.  That was reflected on his album FlipSide which he created in 2015.

He went back to his pop roots after that with his creation of The Black Album,  but that may have just been a short visit as his newest single “RudeBoy” is nothing but pure and delicious hip-hop for your ears to enjoy.

The video, which is set in a house of sorts, finds Taylor surrounded by beautiful drag queens and fellow gay men as he drops some bars to a fantastic beat.  It also has some comical aspects to it when other voices appear on the track saying “Oh my god he sleeps with everyone,” and “I know, what a slut!”  Girl, I can relate. 

Outside of that, the track showcases how a gay hip-hop artist can use beats similar to what you would hear on and off the charts nowadays and not immediately be judged because of his sexuality.  Here’s hoping that Taylor can really find himself in this industry as we need more men and women like him to help us break down those barriers that have long been a problem for us. 

You can purchase the song on iTunes here and check out the full vid below:






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