Taylor Swift Helps Superfan Get Engaged To His Partner

Music superstar Taylor Swift did the grandest of gestures by giving a surprising performance during a gay couple’s engagement party.


Alex Goldschmidt, who is an associate director at Digital Media Management, got his partner Ross Girard an immensely special gift in the form of the “Red” singer showing up, shocking everyone, and singing a song that has a ton of meaning to them.




The song was “King of my Heart” off Taylor’s latest album Reputation. Alex revealed that he decided to propose to Ross while this song was playing in their car. “I can’t thank Taylor enough for wanting to help make this day so special.”






The calm before the surprise. #RossAndAlexForever

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Taylor appeared thrilled to be part of their special day. She cracked some jokes with them while wearing a beautiful dark blue dress. Alex’s Instagram was lit up with excitement over their engagement and Taylor making it that much more memorable.

“love @taylorswift!! She’s so sweet & does so much for her fans! Congratulations on your engagement!!” one wrote.

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