Taylor Zakhar Perez Talks About Nudity and Portraying LGBTQ+ Roles

Taylor Zakhar Perez recently addressed the topic of straight actors portraying LGBTQ+ characters, which led to him bringing up one instance, which involved his ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ co-star Nicholas Galitzine.


“Nicholas was just asked the other day about his sexuality, and I just find it so rude. It’s unprofessional and no one’s business. That’s someone’s personal life,” the 32-year-old American actor told Men’s Health.

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As for the conversation of whether straight actors should play queer roles, he stated:

“Cate Blanchett said something, ‘We must fight to the death to suspend disbelief.’ And that just always stuck with me, because if you’re watching a film and there’s nothing outside the room that matters, the actors are doing their jobs.”


“And so I’m grateful to be part of a project where, yes, it is a love story, but again, it’s not the sole focus. These people [Alex and Henry from ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’] have robust, full lives. They’re educated […] The less people focus on sexuality and see what these people are capable of, that’s when we’ve created real change,” Perez further expressed.

Moreover, he also talked about on-screen nudity, such as his prosthetic scene in ‘Minx’ and showing a bit of booty in ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’. According to the actor,


“If it’s not gratuitous nudity, I’m down for it. If it makes sense, and it’s authentic, and true to the character and the scene given circumstances, then I’m 100% in.”


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Sources: menshealth.com, thepinknews.com

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