Texas Mom Stuck In Quarantine After Death Of Gay Sons

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We have news of a tragic loss in San Antonio, Texas.

According to News4SanAntonio, Live Oak City Councilmember Anthony Brooks and husband Phillip Tsai-Brooks, who was a hairdresser, died of complications from coronavirus. Even more tragically, the two died just a few hours between each other.


The two lived in a home together with Phillip’s mother. When Phillip was originally diagnosed with the coronavirus, he received medication from a doctor. He was initially sent home but later returned to the ER just two days later. At that point, he was put on a ventilator. Anthony was later hospitalized too after Phillip’s mother found him unresponsive in their home. Philip later died in the ER of a heart attack while his husband Anthony died shortly afterward. Meanwhile, Phillip’s mother, who has tested positive for the coronavirus, is grieving in quarantine.

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“It’s very hard, we had to arrange my other brother who lives in San Antonio to stand outside the house while we tell her the news and that’s the heartbreaking side. We can’t go in, my brothers can’t go in and comfort her she standing in the doorway crying and we’re here in California,” said one of Phillip’s brothers to reporters according to FOX San Antonio.

Tsai also wanted to commend medical workers for being on the front lines of this pandemic. He then asked citizens to stay at home in order to stop the spread.


“In our family, it was three people that got contracted COVID-19, out of those three, two died,” said Tsai. “You can look at the end of the day, there are two family members we will miss and will never get back. It’s not worth going out socializing and having that chance risking the chance of getting it.”

Our thoughts go out to the surviving family members.

Sources: News4SanAntonio, FOX San Antonio

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