That Time George Takei Had A Stroke On Howard Stern

George Takei & Jason Ellis – Howard Stern Show

Remember that time when George Takei damn near gave Aussie MMA fighter a handjob on the Howard Stern show? Well, I didn’t remember either. Luckily, after we ran a story earlier this week about the unorthodox marriage (to a woman) of openly bisexual, SiriusXM radio host Jason Ellis, a friend DM’d me Ellis’ d*ck pic –complete with the ever-hilarious George Takei in the frame gettin’ his life!

Covered in tattoos, with a strong broad face and a low buzz cut, in some ways, Ellis reminds me of larger-than-life porn God, Rocco Steele … from the waist up. I mean, that’s not a swipe at Ellis’ manhood, which is a beautiful girthy, uncut gentlemen’s piece – but let’s face it, Rocco is a whole other animal down there, and most men are just not packing that amount of Steele.

George Takei & Jason Ellis – Howard Stern

In his new book, Still Awesome: The Trials and Tribulations of an Egotistical Maniac, Ellis, a former pro skateboarder speaks candidly about being openly bi, his Grindr hook-ups, and how he feels often shunned by the LGBTQ community because he’s married to a woman. Then too, there’s a big debate regarding if he’s really gay and just using the wife as a beard, making it easier to claim bi-sexuality as opposed to homosexuality. Either way, it’s a peculiar situation.

I commend Ellis though, for his honesty about his sexuality regardless of the fallout he sometimes faces in the hypermasculine world of sports and from fickle gay boys. With such a rough exterior, he may not initially seem like the most approachable or the sexiest man in the crowd, but personally I think he’s hot AF and his self-confidence goes a long way. He’s got a lot of that. If you don’t believe me, ask George Takei, who had the pleasure of stroking the uncut dangly bits from ‘down undah’ as Ellis volunteered to be Takei’s buck-naked, in-the-flesh birthday gift from Howard Stern back in 2017.

Some men have all the luck and Bi George! I think Takei’s got it! (NSFW)



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