The Annual Rehoboth Beach Leather Weekend Returns —Tonight!

Photo: Leather Daddy Model  Jason Livanis

The annual Rehoboth Beach Leather Weekend, presented by AQUA Bar & Grill, is set to make a highly-anticipated return from October 20th to 22nd, 2023. This event will welcome a gathering of gay men, leather Daddies, and their admirers in the beautiful setting of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

To give a little history lesson of this weekend’s significance, Rehoboth once boasted a thriving leather community that the DelMarVa, DC, and Philly leather aficionados popularized. From 1999 to 2016, a former nightclub called LL was the Rehoboth anchor for the local leather scene and served as the premier venue for exciting regional leather contests and events.


Now back from hiatus, Rehoboth Beach Leather 2023 is a celebration of the reemerging leather community and serves as a Mid-Atlantic Leather Qualifier, adding to the significance and prestige of the weekend. Attendees can look forward to 3 days of thrilling activities, opportunities to meet like-minded individuals, and perhaps …some sexy, unforgettable moments.

Silver Fox Onlyfans Star, Barnabysdaddy / Photo: Emitt More

The weekend kicks off with the Meat & Greet on Friday, October 20th, where participants get to mingle and connect. DJ Chris Adam will take the stage as the night progresses, bringing the beats that will keep the boys twirling on the dance floor.

On Saturday, October 21st, the excitement continues with contestant interviews. Those vying for the Rehoboth Beach Leather 2023 title will have their chance to showcase their charisma and passion, allowing the audience to support their favorite contestant who could land that prized leather sash.

Julien Torres / Facebook Photo: Greg Jones

As a Reho resident, I have heard lots of buzz around town over the past few weeks about the upcoming contest and the mission to return Rehoboth to its rawhide heyday.

After a sizzling Friday and Saturday agenda of leather-themed shenanigans, The Closing Beer Bust Party will conclude the festivities through camaraderie with people from all walks of life coming together to revel in the spirit of leather. So if you’re new to the leather scene, a veteran old-school hardcore leather Daddy, or if you’re not sure but curious to check it all out and have a sexy good time, don’t be shy. A world of leather-clad adventure awaits your presence at Rehoboth Beach Leather Weekend 2023!

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