‘The Disappointments’ Preps For More Drama, Comedy, Romance

The cast of 'The Disappointments'
The cast of ‘The Disappointments’ (via YouTube)

The teaser trailer for Season Two of the award-winning web series The Disappointments has arrived! “From the disappointments who brought you ‘The Disappointments.'” The comedy/drama stars Rich Burns (“Ray”), Trevor LaPaglia (“Dwight”), Gedde Watanabe (“Gary”), and James Matthew Campbell (“James”) as they journey through mid-life and all its trials and triumphs.

Rich Burns in 'The Disappointments'
Rich Burns in ‘The Disappointments’ (screen capture)

From the show’s creators:

With situations ripped straight from real life, this all-too relatable series looks at a pivotal issue people face as they navigate from their 50s into their 60s: What do you do when you realize that time is running short, the road behind you is longer than the road ahead, and your job, your relationship, your living situation — your entire life — has not turned out at all the way you had hoped and planned when you were young? In our show, the characters take action. Most of it ill-advised. Some of it straight-up disastrous. All in the hopes of turning their disappointing lives around.

When we last saw the men of The Disappointments, James had decided to explore a new career as a Realtor; Gary was heading into a health crisis; and – after a surprise one-year time jump – we learned that Ray and Dwight are no longer a couple, but with no clue as to why.

Rich Burns and Trevor LaPaglia in 'The Disappointments'
Rich Burns and Trevor LaPaglia in ‘The Disappointments’ (screen capture)

In the newly-released trailer, Ray has begun stalking Dwight, James has his hands full with his new real estate biz, and Gary is looking for love in all the wrong places. For Season Two, the creative team promises more comedy, more drama, and more romance: “Our main characters find themselves caught in comically humiliating experiences – both in the work place and in their personal circumstances – as they take sometimes desperate steps to turn their disappointing lives around.”

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Since its premiere in late 2021, The Disappointments official YouTube channel has received over 3.3 million views, and the show was honored with a Humanitas Prize for outstanding web series.

At this time, the creative team is in post-production bringing more than 300 hours of audio and visual elements together. The crew has launched an IndieGoGo campaign where fans can contribute to the completion of the second season. No premiere date has been announced, but until it is enjoy the new trailer for Season Two of The Disappointments.

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