The ‘Drag Race Italia’ Pit Crew & Judges Panel Have Been Announced

As both Canada’s Drag Race and RuPaul’s Drag Race UK are both currently airing, we are seeing unique and inventive queens and dynamic runway looks and perspectives on drag. While our Drag Race dance card might look seemingly full, loyal fans of the multiple Emmy-winning, reality tv juggernaut are about to say ciao to a brand new crop of queens and panel of judges, direct from one of the most glamorous locales in the world; prepare to welcome Drag Race Italia



While we finally have received some information on both the host and the judges panel, the reveal of the Drag Race Italia Pit Crew last week is truly what has some Drag Race fans already saying “ciao bello” to this brand new crop of Pit Crew members. The scorching Italia Pit Crew consists of Ricardo Trull, Marco Foltran, Marco DaRoit, and Gigi and it won’t be long before you get to meet them (along with the unannounced Drag Race Italia cast and the judges panel) when Drag Race Italia premieres on Discovery+ in Italy and on WOW Presents Plus in other territories in later this year.

As for the panel that will be judging our Italia queens weekly, a famed queen in her own right has been tapped to host the Drag Race Italia iteration. Priscilla, a former Miss Drag Queen Italy 2007 & unofficial ‘Queen of Mykonos’ (seen frequently at Mykonos hotspot JackieO’) has been tapped to join iconic queens like Brooke Lynn Hytes and Supremme de Luxe, who are hosting international versions of RuPaul’s Drag Race of their own (Canada and Spain respectively). Subsequently, it has been announced that Italian actress Chiara Francini and Italian television personality Tommaso Zorzi (winner of the Italian version of Celebrity Big Brother titled Grande Fratello) would be rounding out the judges panel for this sure to be action packed (or, “pieno de azione”) new Drag Race iteration. 

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8 thoughts on “The ‘Drag Race Italia’ Pit Crew & Judges Panel Have Been Announced”

  1. Quick note on Italian; to a group of men, you would say ‘ciao belli!’ If you say ‘ciao bello!’ it would mean you were singling one of them out of the group.

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  3. Before giving my opinion, I must clarify that we live in the West, a region where there is freedom of expression.
    As such, I will exercise my right to express myself, without being accused of being “intolerant”, “backward” or that my words are “hate speech”.
    Therefore, I advise you that if you do not have an open vision to read all kinds of comments, you had better refrain from replying to me without reading with sufficient understanding and an open mind.
    This TV series sucks, and it doesn’t represent the community at all.
    It is a fraud and at the same time a mockery of the community itself.
    The community has fallen so low by giving space to heterosexuals like Ricardo Trull, Marco Foltran, Marco DaRoit, and Gigi.
    Yes! Understand one thing, even if you are offended: These men are heterosexual, homophobic, conservative, of right-wing ideology, they have a wife and seven or nine children (these men do not have a culture of contraception or family planning), ProVida, ProFamilia and They belong to extremist Christian sects.
    The reason they allow these unsavory characters in is because the producers know that homosexuals have a number of emotional, existential, and spiritual gaps that they need to compensate for through these characters.
    But what homosexuals do not understand is that these men only support the gay cause based on the money and the fame that the community can give them.
    On the other hand, ALL Italian men who are handsome, athletic, and manly -like them- are heterosexual, homophobic, conservative, of right-wing ideology, have a wife and seven or nine children (these gentlemen have no culture of contraception or family planning), ProVida, ProFamilia and belong to extremist Christian sects.
    It’s the truth, and I AM NOT GENERALIZING, and I DON’T LIE.

    • you don’t lie? Say’s who? BTW: so they are straight, right wing, etc. it’s the image we ‘marginalized’ denizens admire and fantasize about, and wish we could get them in bed! (My gaydar has ‘outed’ so called straight models and actors, who later came out of the ‘closet’ on their own!) So,THERE! (Ha!)

  4. With Drag Race becoming popular worldwide, Ru Paul should do a Drag Race International Edition

    One queen from each country would compete to become the International Drag Race winner ala Miss Universe


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