The Frock Destroyers ‘Frock4Life’ Is An Across The Pond Sensation

Since the three of them walked onto the RuPaul’s Drag Race UK stage together, Baga Chipz, Divina De Campo, and Blu Hydrangea merged their individual and eclectic talents into one supergroup, the aptly titled Frock Destroyers! The ladies have taken their career post Drag Race UK, releasing their revolutionary album ‘Frock4Life’. I sat down with the ladies recently to chat about the brand new album, the tracks that each of them love the most, and the secret to why this “girl group” just may be the one the go the distance. 



Michael Cook: Did each of you know that when you performed ‘Break Up (Bye Bye)’ during a challenge on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK S1 that it would take off and become the launching pad for your musical career as The Frock Destroyers? 

Divina De Campo: I didn’t know that it would shine with the audience the same way until we saw the pile of shit the other groups put on stage (laughs)! 

MC: How do you describe the album and the collection of music on there? 


Baga Chipz: It is very camp, it is very pop, it is very eclectic, there are just so many genres. You’ve got sugar pop, the very cheesy and sugary pop. You’ve also got some songs that you would hear in the club that are sexy. There is something for everyone; there is something for your little niece and something for your nan. It is very camp/euro-pop/euro trash.

MC: For each of you, what is your favorite song on the entire package? 


Blue Hydrangea:  My favorite is ‘Fame Whore’ because I think out of them all, when we first heard it, is the the one that did not strike us the most. I think after hearing our voices on it, it is one of my favorites and it is such a bop. It sounds like proper serious pop music and that is really what we wanted to do. We wanted to do serious music but not take ourselves seriously. I think that is the essence of the whole album and that is why I love it the most. 

BC: I love ‘Big Ben’ because it is just quintessentially British. I mean, you cannot get more British; London, landmark, that’s what we are we are. We are Drag Race UK and we are representing with all the cliches; Big Ben, cup a’ tea, your majesty, very British and very royal and very regal, Also, being total slags (laughs) 

DDC; Mine is ‘Back To Life’, I absolutely love that one! 


MC: Have any of you met or heard from anyone that has let you know that they absolutely love your music that has left you completely gobsmacked? 

DD: I got a message from Sam Smith; it was like Oh My GOD

BC: We had Troye Sivan send us a personal message also, it was very exciting! 

BH: I never would have thought that Troye Sivan, Sam Smith, Olly Alexander, any of those people would have ever even acknowledged that we existed; but here we are! 


MC: So Slag Wars has revitalized reality show conceptions and Baga you guest starred on the show. Maybe a Slag Wars/Frock Destroyers theme next year? 

BC: I was a judge on the show and I judged the talent competition. I was known on my season for my talent; acting singing, more acting (laughs); There was a lot of talent.


BH: I loved it, I watched the show and it was so funny because you could tell that none of the contestants had any idea who Baga was (laughs)!  

BC: Excuse me, they had eyeballs, they don’t live in a cave. I’m one of the most famous women in Britain. 

BH: There is such an underlying and positive message with Slag Wars. First of all, sex work is nothing to turn your nose up at and these are real human beings. There was a non-binary person, there was a transgender person, there were people of all shapes and sizes. I love to see it and I hope to see more of it. I could deal with a full fourteen episode season next time! 

DDC: I absolutely love it. When reality television first started and before it was overproduced, it has a bit more heart and honesty in it. It is also not taking itself too seriously, which is perfect for us.


MC: What has changed the most for each of you since RuPaul’s Drag Race UK S1 aired? 

BC; I am the most famous woman in Britain. I am on all these television shows, I am doing all of these reality shows, I am in the tabloids, all the trashy celebrity magazines. I’m just very very famous (laughs)


DDC: For me, people knew me before somewhat but now its ten times more. The people who want to have a chat and see what we’ve been doing. “Why are you here, what are you doing?” (laughs). Grindr is interesting because people think I’m catfishing *(laughs)

BH: The biggest change for me is that before Drag Race, I performed in one bar, I never left that bar, and I had never left Northern Ireland to perform in drag. It went from that to traveling around the UK doing gigs, Drag Con, people knowing my name, selling out shows; it’s crazy! Being from Northern Ireland it is crazy seeing the fan base and now seeing how people are feeling confident enough to express themselves as well.

MC: Girl groups historically break up and bicker. What is going to make The Frock Destroyers different? 


DDC: We’re not female so that will help (laughs)! We do work together well, and we take the piss out of each other, but there is no malice. We just like to read each other and laugh. We’ve never been not talking to each other.

MC: How have you each gotten to stay inspired and creative during this past year? 

BH: I keep inspired seeing other people. I think it is a great opportunity that we have had. There is a camaraderie online and you can see putting people their focus into their craft and into their work, and that in turn inspired me. I think we were really lucky that we were approached with this opportunity right at the start of lockdown. This was able to keep us going, our little baby that we have prepared for nine months and then birthed unto the world! It has kept me inspired, and working with these girls; they’re great. 

BC: I basically just look in the mirror every day and just say “what a fucking icon” and then just carry on…

DDC: I think I have been kind of imagining and being completely unaware of what is going on (laughs). I have been navigating the world that way. Pretending that I am performing in pubic and hopefully it will happen soon!

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