The Hemsworth Brothers Love To Joke With Each Other On Their Birthdays

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER, and by the way, take care of yourself and get in better shape!” Sounds harsh, right? But with the hunky Hemsworth brothers, it’s all in good fun. The ripped Australian brothers have a habit of ribbing each other on social media when their birthdays roll around. The latest jab came earlier this week when older sibling Chris, 38 posted a Happy Birthday message to his younger sibling, Liam, who turned 32 on Thursday, January 13th.


“Happy birthday @liamhemsworth hopefully this is the year you finally get in shape and take care of yourself!”

The Extraction actor in a very nice gesture even offered his brother, star of The Hunger Games series a “family discount” off his own team training app, Centrfit,


“To help with your transformation I’m gonna gift you 10% off a @centrfit membership #familydiscount love you”

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The fun and funny Instagram post also included two bonus photos. The first has a shirtless Liam celebrating his birthday surrounded by balloons, flowers, and cake. The third photo, a TBT, is Liam as a toddler. 


The birthday boy decided to get in on the fun himself posting a video to his own Instagram thanking the Thor star for his very generous gift,

“Really appreciate it, mate. That’s just the kick in the ass I needed to cont inue on my fitness journey.”


The Last Song actor also thanked all of his fans for sending him birthday wishes! We can’t wait to see who strikes next in their enjoyable sibling rivalry!

Have a great weekend Instincters!


Sources: People

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