The Hit Parody Musical ‘Titanique’ Sees The Two Mr. Andrews Together

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Glee star Lea Michele has taken Broadway by storm earning rave reviews as Fanny Brice in the role she was born to play. But there is another show, off-Broadway, that theatergoers cannot stop talking about. Titanique, a musical parody of the blockbuster movie Titantic, plays to sold-out shows nightly has audiences singing its zany praises.


One of those theatergoers giving the show a rave review knows the source all too well. Alias actor Victor Garber, 73, stopped by the Asylum Theater the other night delighting and dazzling the audience and actors. You might remember that the Broadway veteran starred as the doomed shipbuilder Mr. Andrews (“I’m sorry I didn’t build you a stronger ship young Rose”) in the 1997 Oscar-winning film. Garber addressed the cast heaping accolades on the company,

“This is not the way I pictured my life. Honestly, I am so humbled by all of you. You are unbelievably great. It’s that old thing of, ‘How do they do that?’ I used to do that but now… no. Anyway, thank you. This is just the sweetest.”


The Mr. Andrews character in the parody show, hysterically named ‘Victor Garber,’ is played by openly gay Big Brother contestant Frankie Grande. The two posed for photos together joined by Garber’s husband Rainer Andreesen. Grande, honored to meet the Legally Blonde actor paid homage on his Instagram, 

“It’s been such an honor to play the iconic Victor Garber character in @titaniquemusical… and I can’t believe that THE VICTOR GARBER came to see us!!,” he added. “I’ve been literally DREAMING of this moment for 4 years. He’s such an inspiration to me, and this whole experience was surreal. @therealvictorgarber thank you”



According to People magazine, “Garber, 73, also took pictures with the entire company of Titanique — all portraying characters from the film aboard the dreaded 1912 ship, including star-crossed lovers Jack (Constantine Rousouli) and Rose (Alex Ellis); her controlling fiancé Cal (Ken Wulf Clark) and demanding mother Ruth (Ryan Duncan); as well as some of the boat’s most recognizable passengers: the unsinkable Molly Brown (Kathy Deitch) and Titanic’s seaman Avionce Hoyles.”

Due to overwhelming demand Titanique has extended its run until November 6th. Here’s hoping that run can last even longer. The Twitterverse is gobsmacked and we all want…our hearts to go on! 






Sources: People

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