The Latest “Emily In Paris” Heartthrob Has Fans Asking All About Alfie

Our favorite Chicago ingenue turned Parisian heartbreaker Emily Cooper has spent her time on the first two seasons of Netflix’s Emily in Paris both navigating the French language and juggling several suitors during her time in the City of Lights. During Season 2 though (now airing on Netflix), the moment Cooper stepped back from two very complicated suitors, a brand new and unexpected man walked into her life, direct from London. Lucien Leon Laviscount (Scream Queens, Katy Keene) has joined Emily in Paris for Season 2 as Emily’s French class partner and eventually (spoiler alert) new beau Alfie.  


While Alfie’s blasé attitude and romantically charged banter with Emily was what instantly hooked fans of this new couple, it is the other unexpected relationship Alfie falls into this season; his very popular bromance with Emily’s neighbor/sometimes suitor Gabriel. The co-stars and fast friends recently sat down with EW (with the rest of the Emily in Paris cast) to chat about their newly minted bromance. Lucien Laviscount (Alfie) and Lucas Bravo (Gabriel) sat down and Bravo mentioned how “everyone thinks friends in England are pretty opposite, but we are the same”. He also mentioned that he loves having a new character as an antagonist to Emily that “does not buy into the hype of Paris”. Laviscount also mentioned that talking on a live mic several times about playing football ended up making its way on-screen as part of the story, which also ended up being Laviscount’s last day on-set, playing “football on this amazing field” and that is was “an amazing day for me”. 

As soon as fans wrapped up their binge of Season 2 of Emily in Paris, the immediate question is; will Alfie be returning for Season 3 (or Season 4), both of which have been green-lit by Netflix. After being wrapped up in a triangle with Gabriel & Camille for the majority of the season, Emily’s unexpected romance with the British banker is a much-needed fresh start. Could it be a false start of sorts though?-(spoiler alert) at the conclusion of Season 2, Alfie’s work in Paris wraps up and he plans to move back to London. While he is game for a long distance romance, viewers are left to wait until Season 3 to see if Emily gives it a shot. A recent Instagram post by Laviscount also has fans wondering if we will see an appearance by Alfie in Season 3 (Laviscount shared a celebratory post regarding the double season renewal saying “Emily in Paris SEASON 3 & SEASON 4,” he wrote. “Can’t wait to see you all shine”. Co-star Camille Razat (who plays Gabriel’s ex-girlfriend Camille) seemed to offer fans some hope, saying “Can’t wait to see you on season 3.” While nothing is confirmed as of yet, Laviscount has become an instant fan favorite, with many fans enjoying seeing our favorite new Parisian receiving a fresh start with someone who challenges her.


As we wait to see if Alfie returns to woo Emily for Seasons 3 or 4 of Emily in Paris, dive into some of his stunning Instagram shots….


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