The Latest From Calum Scott, Paper Citizen, Stefano May, Sarah Barrios

Out singer/songwriter Calum Scott drops his new single "If You Ever Change Your Mind"
Calum Scott (photo via Capitol Records)

There’s something for everyone in this round-up of new music from out artists: passionate pop to airy electro-synth to Motown inspired R&B to pop-punk.

First up is oh-so-woofy out singer/songwriter Calum Scott, of Britain’s Got Talent fame, delivers his signature passionate pop vocals on his latest single, “If You Ever Change Your Mind.”


Scott says the song was inspired by a relationship where he “fell in love with somebody so hard that even now, 5 or so years since we parted ways, there is still that invisible tether that is attached to both of us.”

In the music video, which features dancers Joshua James Smith and Emma Farnell-Watson, Scott wanted to bring to life that ‘invisible tether’ – “the conflict of wanting to move on but also wanting to go back.”

With emotionally-charged vocals and commanding rhythms, “If You Ever Change Your Mind” definitely goes to the top of our playlist.

In 2018, Scott released his emotional “No Matter What” about the unconditional love of parents who accept their gay son.


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Cover art for "Over the Moon" by Paper Citizen


Indie-rock project Paper Citizen, led by out singer/songwriter/producer Claire Gohst, blends crisp vocals with lyrical intimacy, spacious guitars, and organic rhythms on her new single, “Over the Moon.”

“Just like a balloon, letting go was the only way to fly,” shares the artist. “‘Over the Moon’ is a song about knowing of a love that has been there since the beginning, the type that showed you strength and held you grounded in the moments that you needed in order to grow.”

The beautiful, airy electro-pop track has a light, sensual aura with just the right amount of passionate build. Gohst’s shimmering vocals bring rushes of serotonin even as she paints the soundscape with a hint of melancholy.

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Out singer/songwriter Stefano May lifts us up with his new upbeat single "Find My Way"
Stefano May (image via official website)

Classically trained pianist and songwriter Stefano May serves up his infectious pop/R&B flavored “Find My Way,” which inspires the listener overcome challenges when times get tough.

May’s bright vocals pair perfectly with the upbeat retro-infused soundscape that draws influence from classic Motown with elements of soul and funk.


In the music video, the handsome singer journeys through daily life in Los Angeles during unparalleled times alluding to messages of compassion, grace, and hope for a brighter tomorrow. Stefano confides, “No matter how challenging your surroundings can be, you will always be able to find your own way.”

“Find My Way” follows Stefano’s single releases “Prayer” and “We Are The Power”, leading up to his forthcoming debut EP, which will be released later this year. 

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Out singer/songwriter Sarah Barrios serves up her infectious new single "Aftermath of You"
Sarah Barrios (promo photo)

Out singer/songwriter Sarah Barrios recently released her second single of the year, “Aftermath Of You,” a real banger led by raucous guitar solos and Barrios’ party-all-night vocals.

“This song is about two people who are so similar they seem like soul mates, but when you put them together, they burn the whole world down,” Barrios explains.

The indie artist has developed nearly a million followers across social media thanks to her unique take on the rediscovered pop-punk sound coupled with her fun, infectious personality.


Barrios notes at the top of the new music video: “We only had 150 dollars in budget for this music video. So I decided to go to Dave and Busters and get drunk with my brother Jonah. This is the music video LOL.”

Check out “Aftermath of You” below and follow Sarah Barrios on Instagram here.

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