The Most ‘Beloved’ Queen in RPDR History Gets Sent Home On ‘All Stars 4’

This season of All Stars 4 might be just be the best as it really is unpredictable at this point as to who will win let alone make it to the top 4.

Several of these girls (minus the ones already sent home) are clearly here to play the game as each of the ones remaining have unique strengths that could easily propel them to the end.

The latest episode of All Stars 4 picks up where the last one left. The girls discuss Gia Gunn going home courtesy of Manila Luzon. Trinity the Tuck also revealed that she would’ve sent home Gia, which was obvious given her attitude about the situation last week.

There was some minor chat about the whole Manila thinking about sending Valentina home thing, which I would’ve done if I was her. Screw fearing her fans or whatever, it would’ve been a bold and daring move given what a front runner the season 9 fan favorite is.

This episode appeared to be on the same level of Snatch Game regarding the girl’s talents when it comes to improvisation. They had to act in a fake court show called Jersey Justice, where South Plainfield’s Michelle Visage acted as the judge. In an even funnier twist, the original “henny” Stacy Layne Matthews acted as the court stenographer, where the cutaways to her during each scene was nothing short of hilarious.

The girls were split up into three groups with three separate acting assignments. Manila and Naomi Smalls’ performances revolved around one of them getting a terrible haircut from the other. Monet X Change, Monique Heart and Latrice Royale had to do a scene about a cake incident gone wrong and Valentina and Trinity’s were about a case of “Snooki” identity theft.

This is a very difficult challenge, as the girls had to make things up as they went. They had time to prepare in the werk room, but it had to be tough on each of them as they had to keep the energy going between their teammate while also standing out for being hilarious.

Most of them did a superb job. The best team was Manila and Naomi, as they really worked their storyline to a tee. Naomi is really doing her best to get away from being just a pretty face with long legs type of queen by excelling in these acting challenges. She did great last week during the Snatch Game of Love as Wendy Williams and is considered by some to be a low-key threat in this competition at this point.

Monet, Monique and Latrice’s was a hot mess. Monique excelled as she’s already a big and bold personality and did her role as the scorned bride to be who was insulted on a cake made by Latrice’s character very well.  Here’s the problem… the other two have similar personalities to Monique’s, so why didn’t they step their game up? Latrice simply stared at Monique during their one-on-one performances and Monet tried to make up for lost time as she entered the scene late but it all just came across as sloppy.

Trinity and Valentina did well. They were in the middle for me out of these three groups. Trinity’s outfit was not Jersey, more Real Housewives of a different state. Valentina did a great job, as she should given that she’s a trained actress outside of the show. The scene just really didn’t come together that greatly, but it was enough for the two of them to be in the safe zone.

The runway challenge revolved around padding and showing off your curves. Tops for me in this were Monique (although I’m SICK of the brown cow thing at this point), Latrice, Naomi and Trinity. Low ones were Monet and Valentina, with Manila in the middle.

It comes down to Monique and Manila in the top, which I agree with to a point, but I keep hoping that Naomi would score a win. Latrice and Monet end up in the bottom two, which was the right decision.

Here’s where things get juicy. Monique and Monet are BFF’s as are Latrice and Manila. Manila has a nervous breakdown in the werk room as the thought of Latrice going home terrifies her. She vows to do her best in the lip sync in order to keep her there. It’s kind of the same thing for Monique and Monet, however Latrice really tries to drive the point home that she’s the most “beloved” queen from RPDR of all time and that should warrant her staying. She also says that she feels there’s a void in her career regarding her not having some sort of crown from the show.

Here’s the thing. Yes, Latrice is beloved, although its arguable that she’s number one out of the 100 plus girls who have been on this show. That doesn’t mean you should be saved. Love Latrice, but she hasn’t really done well on AS4 minus her stellar performance in the Variety Show during episode one. Track record being what it is, she should go home as Monet has at least won one challenge so far.

After the girls discuss, they return to the stage where Manila and Monique lip sync to Tina Turner’s version of Elton John’s “The Bitch is Back”. It was a decent showing by both, however Monique pulls out her first win ever. She then decides to make the tough decision to send Latrice home, which makes Manila lose her s**t again. Will she be back though? There hasn’t been talk yet about a queen returning, however in the next episode RuPaul says that All Stars rules are suspended for now.

Did the right queen go home?

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  1. Sad to say, but on this

    Sad to say, but on this episode the right queen went home.   Put this performance together with last week's Snatch Game of Love where Latrice was completely rattled and run off-rail by Gia's incessant interruptions and you have the reason Latrice was sent home.  For advertising herself as "Large and In Charge", Latrice has been far too meek and mile in every episode, landing in the Safe category, which is not what I was hoping to see from her.   I do love Latrice as do many other, but she really did not "bring it" to AS4.


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