The Trans TrailBlazer Was “Just Being Honest” In The WWHL Clubhouse…

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One of our favorite people, Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox dropped by the Watch What Happens Live Clubhouse on Election Day night. The Emmy Award-nominated actress was there to promote her new show If We’re Being Honest With Laverne Cox. Host Andy Cohen wasted no time getting the Promising Young Woman actress to spill the tea on all things going on in the pop culture lexicon today. Cox started every answer with the catchphrase from her new show, 

“If I am being honest…”


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Since Democrats did better than all the doomsday polls predicted (tip: polls are shit, they are basically no better than tarot cards and a crystal ball…don’t listen to them, don’t ever not vote) and I am in a pretty good mood today, I will add my own opinions alongside Laverne’s! 


**on Elon Musk possibly bringing back Vine

Laverne said: “If I am being honest I don’t care.”
Robby says: “If I am being honest I agree with LC!”

**on Nick Cannon expecting his 11th child

Laverne said: “If I am being honest I want to sit down and have an interview with him and talk about all the reasons he’s having all these kids.”


Robby says: “If I am being honest I would watch that interview because I also want to know the answer. Do all these baby mamas hang with each other? Do the kids get to meet their half-siblings? Why does he want all these kids lol.”




**on Cher being spotted holding hands with Amber Rose’s ex, AE Edwards who is 40 years younger than she.

Laverne said: “If I am being honest, Cher can do no wrong! Get it all Cher! get that young stuff! Feel your fantasy! I believe! Turn back time! Gypsy Tramps and Thieves”

Robby says: “If I am being honest, She’s Cher, bitch! She does whatever she wants and I am here for it!”

**on Miss Argentina 2020 and Miss Puerto Rico 2020 secretly getting married.


Laverne says: “If I am being honest, that’s hot!”

Robby says: “If I am being honest, two gorge title winning badass chicks getting married. COME THRU!!!”



**on getting to the definitive truth behind what happened between Kathy Hilton and Lisa Rinna in Aspen.

Laverne said: “If I am being honest, I refer to Kathy Hilton’s appearance on here where she confused Lizzo with someone else” SHADE!!!!!!!!!

Robby says: “If I am being honest, Team Lisa Rinna. Kathy Hilton is the ultimate Karen who treats people she thinks are beneath her like shit. Not even bothering to remember people’s names. Rinna has been a hot mess this season but I believe her in this instance.”


** on the upcoming release of Avatar 2,

Laverne said, “If I am being honest, I haven’t seen Avatar one”

Robby says, “If I am being honest, I saw the first one hated it, and am not wasting another three hours of my life on a James Cameron film.”



**on King Charles’ upcoming coronation

Laverne said, [At first she said nothing turning her head to the side giving side eye like no one’s business] “Hi Megan!”

Robby says, “Love Cox throwing shade, am team Megan Markle in the whole Royal Family debacle, but don’t really have any vested interest in the Royals one way or the other.”


Opinions galore. We love seeing Cox on our screens and she looked stunning last night. Her new show If We’re Being Honest with Laverne Cox premieres Wednesday, October 9th on the E! channel.


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