‘The Way I See It’: A Review of the Documentary About Reagan and Obama White House Photographer, Pete Souza

Former Chief White House Photographer, Pete Souza tells a story about one his photos during a speaking engagement (Photo Credit: Screenshot from the trailer for ‘The Way I See It’ via Focus Features YouTube channel)

“Journalism is the first draft of history,” said photojournalist Pete Souza. As a photographer myself, I consider Pete Souza as an inspiration and a hero.  He served as an official White House photographer during the Reagan administration and Chief Official White House Photographer for the Obama administration.

The focus of a documentary called The Way I See It, which will be in theaters on September 18, is how Souza’s role as Chief White House Photographer under Obama showed the humanity of the President of the United States.




I was able to watch a virtual screening of this documentary and I can definitely say this film is worth seeing.  What struck me the most about The Way I See It is the stories behind some of Souza’s most iconic pictures and how it can take you on a roller coaster of differing emotions.

Whether you know it or not, you have more than likely seen one of Souza’s photographs from his time as the Chief Photographer of the Obama Administration.

After Obama left office, Souza became an Instagram superstar when he used President Trump’s tweets and responded with shade (hence the title of his second book) on his Instagram account with photos he took during his time as the official White House photographer.





If you have a chance to see this film, by all means, see it.  It is a testament to how remarkable a man Pete Souza is. The biggest takeaway from this film is how it matters who is the President of the United States.  To see The Way I See It is to recall a time when the President was accessible to the American people which is something we do not have right now. 

If you need any more convincing, watch the trailer for the documentary below.


You can also see more of Souza’s photos from his time as the Chief Photographer on his petesouza44 Instagram account and his account where he shades President Trump is petesouza.


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