‘The White Lotus’ Star Lukas Gage’s Top Moments on Instagram

‘Euphoria’ star Lukas Gage has had us floored far too many times online, and we’re by no means complaining if the camera loves him. His photos have a tendency of leaving people thirsting, and with that being said, let’s take a dive into his top Instagram posts that left us wanting more!





The 27-year-old actor is known for playing the role of Tyler in HBO’s teen series ‘Euphoria,’ as well as ‘The White Lotus’ wherein he played the character Dillon. Speaking of the mentioned roles, a troll previously criticized him for portraying multiple LGBTQ+ roles, and he rightfully clapped back.


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A tweet posted on June 9 read:

“If Hollywood can stop hiring non LGBTQIA+ actors like @lukasgage to play LGBTQIA+ characters, that would be great. He has played 4 so far. 1 was enough.”

And to that Gage responded,


“U don’t know my alphabet.”

Once again that person replied to him saying,

“Then please, enlighten the whole world.”

“No,” the actor simply concluded, followed by a red heart emoji.


Gage has portrayed a number of gay and queer roles, from ‘Euphoria’ to his butt-baring character in ‘The White Lotus,’ as well as playing Derek in ‘Love, Victor,’ and Eric in ‘Queer as Folk.’ 

Of course, the most memorable one was his scene with Murray Bartlett in White Lotus – you can see the Gif here

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  1. I first came across him in “Into the Dark : Midnight Kiss” & thought this new gay actor has potential. Glad he was a part of one of my favorite gay series & series in general Love, Victor as well.


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