The ‘Will & Grace’ Finale Ended ‘Terribly’ According To Many Fans

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Fans of Will & Grace trashed how it ended for many different reasons after the series finale aired on Thursday, April 23. 

Many complained that it was very “rushed” and that they were disappointed about it not being an hour long. NBC aired a special episode after the finale was over that was a look back at the show’s history with Eric McCormack playing host. Others vented about the way each of the character’s storylines concluded as they felt that “nothing was really resolved” with any of them. 

A very brief summary of the finale goes as follows: Will and McCoy (Matt Bomer) get back together, Grace goes into labor although you don’t actually see her giving birth, Stan proposes to Karen and she accepts and Jack finally gets a role on Broadway. That’s pretty much it.

Here’s a sampling of complaints left on social media from fans of the Emmy-winning series:

“Lol that was it? Felt more like a mid-season break.”

And we didn’t even get to see the babies?”

“And in 30 seconds it was over. Was the last episode thought out or just, ‘OK let’s have them move but just show the apartment empty. Let’s build up babies all season and then not have them deliver them.'” 

I was disappointed that we didn’t didn’t see any of their life after this. I thought we would at least get a glimpse of the babies and new home. I didn’t understand all the time spent on the baseball team and all that.

The ratings weren’t exactly stellar for the finale as it only drew in about 3 million people. W&G‘s original one in 2006 had 18.3 million in comparison although times have changed quite a bit with how many people are actually watching network television. 

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  1. The wheels came off the show last season. Megan Mullally was suspended for two episodes and she didn’t even have scenes with the other 3 most of the time. You could really feel how worn out and bitter the staff was, too, by how lame their ideas were and how they dropped the characters like hot potatoes at the end. Really bad.


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