TikTok Star Theo Carow Came Out As Bi

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Popular TikTok creator Theo Carow has come out as bisexual.

The German-based TikToker has 1.6 million followers on the social media platform. And Carow came out through a video on August 14, according to MADS. In the video, which plays The Neighbourhood’s “Sweater Weather” in the background, Carow is seen standing in front of his camera. Above him hangs the text, “Hi, this is an official statement.” Then to caption the video, Theo Carow wrote, “This been a long way,” with a pride flag emoji.


this‘ been a long way.. 🏳️‍🌈

♬ Sweater Weather – The Neighbourhood

The response to the video has been explosive and mixed. The 24-year-old’s video has so far garnered over 1.9 million views and over 3.6 thousand comments. Initially, the responses to the post were fairly negative. Some even accused Carow of queerbaiting his audience.

“No mean intention and you know we are cool – but if it is not an honest (but vague) statement, but a joke, it is queerbaiting and unfortunately not cool at all,” wrote a German singer named Strify. “Benefit of the doubt: I’m happy for you.”


This isn’t the first time the social media personality has been accused of queerbait, according to GayTimes. Several of his viewers have condemned his previous videos where Carow wears nail polish or experiments with his clothing. But this criticism eventually led to Theo Carow coming out.

Theo Carow then released a second video to address some of the comments. In this second video, Carow clarifies that he’s bisexual and tries to point out the gatekeeping happening in his comments. He does so by posting the audio, “But you don’t look gay,” while simultaneously writing “But you don’t look bi.” Carow then changes clothing to poke fun at the commenters questioning his sexual orientation.



♬ Trono De Mexico Quien Piensa En Ti – 𝕸𝖎𝖘𝖊𝖗𝖎𝖆𝖘


That said, the negative comments soon got washed by words of love and support. Even German politician Kevin Kratzsch commented on the post.

“Nobody should fear being who he or she is. Every individual story is valuable and it is precisely the differences that make life interesting and worth living. For all of us! Dear Theo, your confession is correct and should actually become unnecessary!” wrote Kratzsch.

Kratzsch then added: “Who you love or how you live should no longer be an issue at all. That is why the signal is all the more important that this and another post comes from you. Because it means: everyone should be himself, have the courage to be me. Shame should be replaced with pride. You are cool because you are who you are. That’s the great message, that’s what matters.”

Source: GayTimes, MADS,

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