“There Is Work To Be Done”-Colton Ford Brings Much Needed “Unity”

Colton Ford’s music has always run the gamut in terms of style, from classic-style dance anthems (‘Let Me Live Again’) to duetting on big room tracks with dance divas (‘Signed Sealed Delivered’ with Pepper Mashay) to his most recent emotional and 80’s tinged single ‘Stay’. His most recent release ‘Unity’ though, is not just the title track from his latest EP; it is the exact kind of celebratory Pride anthem that we could use right now. As Ford say, It is a track about “coming together as brothers and sisters of the human race.”He goes on to say “Freedom and acceptance are something to celebrate”…. “especially in this season of Pride!”

Photo Courtesy of: Kevin Hoover

Following Ford’s previous releases ‘Stronger’ and  ‘Stay’ (detailing relationships with someone else and each other respectively) ‘Unity’ is also about relationships, but zeroes in on the power of our coming together, united in our demand for change. Written and produced by Colton Ford, Ron Schrader, and Spin Sista (Woop Woop Productions), ‘Unity’ is being released dance-floor ready, with both ‘Spin’s Club Banger’ remix and ‘Ron’s Get Down with Your Bad Self’ remixes available. The focus of the music video for “Unity” (check it out here) is people and the diversity we all showcase. Ford says “We have come a long way in our fight to be seen, heard, acknowledged and respected and we have a lot to be thankful for….but there is still work to be done, and we are more powerful doing it together than apart.”


During a Pride month like one we have never seen, Ford has some sage words for the LGBTQ community; “It’s time that we work together and respect one another and our differences” Ford says. “Standing at odds with one another only weakens us. Standing together is where we are most powerful and what we need in order to survive and thrive as a species.”

Photo Courtesy of: Kevin Hoover

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  1. I LOVE Colton…he is looking awesome to me and I’ve always been a huge fan of his music…love this song and in my opinion..its released at the appropriate time…


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