Things You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘Punch’ Actor Jordan Oosterhof

Jordan Oosterhof starred in the 2022 film ‘Punch,’ which is a boxing drama film centered on a teenage boxer who navigates through discovering his sexuality and the brutality of homophobia.

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Oosterhof was born in 1996 in Auckland, New Zealand. Aside from ‘Punch’, the actor has also appeared in the TV series ‘The Cul De Sac’, as well as 2017’s ‘Coveted Desires’. ‘Punch’, however, was the project that garnered him a lot of attention.


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Not to mention, the boxing drama is his first feature film, and he opened up about what he felt starring in  ‘Punch’.

“It was a masterclass in acting—but one that I was getting paid to do rather than paying other people to show me. It was amazing. I learned everything about the filming process, the stuff that goes in beforehand, and what it takes to step up and put it down,” Oosterhof told Pop Culturalist.

(c) Instagram: @jordanoosterhof

In an interview with Coming Soon, he also shared what initially drew him into doing the film, stating:

“The script, man. I just got sent it and opened it up and read it. And I thought, ‘Man, this is something that I really want to be part of.’ There was something sort of tangible about it, even from the first moment I read it.”

“I could feel Jim’s arc, I could feel his emotion in the scenes. There was just … sometimes as an actor, you get given a script and you’re like, ‘Man, something inside this resonates with me on a deep level.’ So it was like that, and then I thought, ‘I will just do whatever I can to have any part in it.’ Then it ended up being the lead role. So here we are,” the actor further expressed. 

Moreover, ‘Punch’ is available on Digital, On Demand and various streaming platforms.


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