Thirst Trap Thursday: Tom Daley Shows Off His Bulge On Vacay In Greece

Olympic Gold medalist Tom Daley is no strager to a thirst trap. The British diver regularly post photos to his Instagram in barely there speedos, he’s a diver a speedo is his uniform for work. But his latest photo not only highlights his incredible physique, seriously the guy doesn’t have an ounce of body fat on him, but a massive bulge. GRRRRRR!

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Daley captioned the post “holding on to summer,” and added photos and video of him and his husband, Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, on vacation in Greece. (At the time this article was posted, news is coming in that Daley took Black to Greece to recover after Black suffered a “serious head injury after being punched in a gay bar.” Instinct will update this story as more information is provided.) The post has racked up over 1,500 comments from some of the 28-year-old three million followers, with many referencing the last photo in the gallery,


Feeding the foot fans. I stan! — hardwork24879

Olympic gold medalist Β and thirsttrap world champion Β — jimsuits

Hot first picture — jets.zonee

A couple of beautiful men in paradise. Thanks for sharing. Β — matildalynn

that budgie has officially been smuggled – thedannybeard


The tourism industry in Greece should send Daley and Black a thank you letter!Β 


5 thoughts on “Thirst Trap Thursday: Tom Daley Shows Off His Bulge On Vacay In Greece”

  1. He shouldn’t show it aince he has a relationship. He is clearly percert and showing it in clearly noticing. Thats not cool. And disrespectful. That is okay if he is single. Sad!

    • You shouldn’t apply your own standards to others. Many couples feel just fine showing off their bodies to others. Being a gold medal winning Olympic diver means you spend a gread deal of your life in skimpy speedos. The other half, Lance, has said that he finds his husband’s rear-end his best feature. If they’re fine with it, that’s all that counts.

    • Um…so how does that work when he’s diving? Does he have to wear bulky loose trunks? And a speedo is standard beach attire for a large portion of European men, relationship or not. Good grief πŸ™„


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