Tom Daley Knits A Revealing Speedo Alternative

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File this under the new must-have accessory you didn’t even know existed, but now it’s a must-have!  Olympic gold medalist, and certified hottie, Tom Daley who started a knitting company, Made With Love, has just created and started selling a product designed to keep your um, “member,” warm on those cold lonely nights – the Willy Warmer! 

The British diver, 27, launched Made With Daley after he and his knitting needles went viral during the Tokyo Olympics. Daley spoke about his love for knitting saying, “As a lot of you know by now, I am completely knitting-obsessed. From calming the minds to a new hobby, there’s something in knitting for everyone.”

The Willy Warmer can be used in a variety of ways, as Daley explained in a tongue in cheek Instagram post telling followers,

“It’s also completely universal! Here’s five ways to wear your willy warmer, winter and beyond… As a naughty necklace. As extravagant earrings. As a beautiful headband. As a wondrous pouch. or Christmas tree bauble. Buy all five and you’ve got yourself a glove!”


Love it as a necklace! It can be the perfect hostess gift when going to a dinner or cocktail party, or a holiday grab bag. (I am kinda surprised how much I love these lol!..and if this turns out to be an April Fool’s joke, I AM STILL HERE FOR IT!)


Twitter is also in love with the Wily Warmer,



We leave you with Daley’s Instagram post introducing the Willy Warmers. Sound off in the comments below Instincters, going to buy one for your husband or boyfriend for their birthday?


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