This Beefy Criminal Can Burgle Us Anytime He Wants

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No, it’s not Wednesday and this is not our Hottie of the Week. Although he very well might be soon. This is Jonathan Cahill, 37, a wanted felon in England for breaking the terms of an early release. 

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As previously reported in The New York Post

“The mugshot of square-jawed Jonathan Cahill, 37, quickly racked up more than 8,000 comments, according to The Sun — so many that West Yorkshire Police disabled comments on Twitter and appeared to have deleted a Facebook appeal.”

Nicknamed the Fit Felon, Cahill is setting the internet on fire, but not with people wanting to turn him in. Oh no, the comments are from people wanting to date him or…do other things with him. {Why not, I mean how bad is a little burglarising anyways…and innocent until proven guilty, right!?}






We shall see how many followers he will gain on his Instagram: johnny_c1984__ . He doesn’t have that many posts over there, this is it.


This isn’t the first time a mugshot of a British burglar caused hearts to swoon. In January 2019, The Sun reported on yummy and good looking burglar Oliver Hargreaves having the exact same effect on the public.

Oliver Hargreaves, 29, attracted scores of female fans after his mugshot went viralCredit: Kennedy News and Media

I guess it is true what they say about life being easier for very attractive people. Seems it was easy to apprehend Fit Felon Cahill as he is already back in custody. Damn, can’t a single guy looking to meet someone hot catch a break! For his part, Cahill made a lot of folks day just with one photo. Not a bad day’s work, and perfectly legal! 







Sources: The New York Post

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