This Charming Christmas Proposal Has Us Smiling

Screenshot via YouTube

While Christmas is over, Hanukah is halfway done, and Kwanzaa has begun, there’s still plenty of time to enjoy the holiday season. And what is the best way to celebrate the holidays? Through spending time with loved ones and celebrating love itself.

Because of the prior, it’s no surprise that holiday time typically sees a spike in proposals, weddings, and general love fairs. Then web sites and apps like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter get swarmed with videos of these happy events. And now, we’re sharing one them with you.

Our friends at Aazios brought the below video to our attention. In it, we see a happy couple, named Matthew and Jacobi, enjoying Christmas day. But after sharing presents and morning bliss, one man gets down on his knee and the other can’t stop smiling.

“We’ve been together four years,” shares the proposer. “You’ve seen the best of me, you’ve the worst of me, and you’ve always stuck through.”

To watch the beautiful moment, click the video down below.

We’re sure Jacobi and Matthew weren’t the only couple to get engaged this past Christmas. And, we’re sure many more will get engaged before New Years Day is over. So whether you have just gotten engaged or whether you’ll be engaged in due time. Or, whether you’re in a gay, straight, lesbian, or any other kind of relationship. Congratulations on celebrating your love. And, of course, happy holidays!

Source: Aazios

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