This Film About A Gay Teen’s First Dance Will Make You Cry


A sweet but short film about first love, or rather a first crush, is trending online.

Growing up is hard for everyone. But there’s a special struggle in growing up while gay. Thankfully, ongoing acceptance of LGBTQ life is helping to make the lives of LGBTQ teens easier than it was for the last generation. And as they go off to their first homecomings, winter dances, and whatever else, it makes us all think about our own first times at a school dance.

This is the specific scenario that director Morgan Jon Fox chose to depict in his short film The One You Never Forget. The award-winning director and screenwriter from Memphis, Tennessee was named one of the “25 new faces of Independent Film,” by Filmmaker Magazine. After seeing the below short film, we couldn’t agree more.

The movie, which won 12 awards on the festival circuit, follows a 14-year-old named Carey as he prepares for his first school dances. While he gets ready to go on a date with a male classmate, his parents remember their own school dances as children. The celebrated story created by Fox is then brought to life through the help of actors London Curtis, Owen D. Stone, Tasha Smith, and Malike Whitfield.

You can watch their work down below.

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