This Gay Couple From Belgium Could Use Some Loving Neighbors

Mauro Padovani, 46, and Tom Freeman, 59, have been dealing with harassment from their homophobic neighbors for over four years. But this week, things escalated and got extremely serious when both of them were left bloody and battered from an altercation with the couple. When a straight Bulgarian/Croatian couple moved into the neighborhood four years ago they immediately informed Padovani and Freeman that they “hate gays” according to Italian news outlet Genova Today. The gay couple, who lives in Belgium, has endured arguments, being punched, bricks being thrown at them, basically making their lives a living hell.

Padovani shared with Genova that the ‘neighbors’ instigated an argument when the woman spat on their window in the parking area. When Freeman went to confront her that is when things got worse. Padovani got out of the car with a steering wheel lock and the male neighbor took it from him and began hitting them with it. Freeman, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s three years ago, suffered two crushed vertebrae while Padovani was left with a concussion.

Police finally intervened and the straight couple was arrested. Dutch news outlet HLN identified the woman as 21-year-old, Yesmina R. who has been ordered to stay away from the gay couple for at least a month. She picked up her 1-year-old child and left her apartment immediately escorted by police. According to HLN, she appeared in court in 2015 with allegations of theft with violence. Her partner is in jail for assault and is awaiting trial. They are waiting to hear if this will be considered a hate crime which would give the assaulters the maximum penalty.

The battered couple took to Facebook to share images of their gruesome attack seeking support and comfort from friends and family. They quickly received kind wishes and their story has been gaining international attention.

h/t: Genova Today, HLN

8 thoughts on “This Gay Couple From Belgium Could Use Some Loving Neighbors”

  1. Throw the homophobes in jail;

    Throw the homophobes in jail; and when they finish their sentences, deport them. This sort of stuff is unacceptable.     …..     And yeah, separate them from their child.

    • they don’t like gays, then

      they don't like gays, then stay in countries that are anti gay. however, most countries with anti gay laws and attitude don't have jobs and have very poor living conditions

  2. Homosexual men continue to be

    Homosexual men continue to be receive the most violence. I think some people have forgotten about this these days.

    This is what religion does: creates monsters.

    • This goes beyond religion.

      This goes beyond religion. Eastern Europeans are very homophobic. Even two straight men who are very close will get beaten up in Russia. Yet so many of them are moving to the Western Europe where there is a huge LGBT support and they shove their beliefs to your face – hence increase in violence for LGBT people.

      I don't care if you hate gays. I don't like them too. But don't force your hate on other people if you are living in a place where LGBT rights is huge.


      • Homophobia has one specific

        Homophobia has one specific origin and that is the Abrahamic religions. Of course today homophobia is expressed beyond religion, but all this was started and spread and still is spread by Abrahamic religions. No excuses anymore; christians have blood on their hands.

        • For those that need to Google

          For those that need to Google – An Abrahamic religion is a religion whose followers believe in prophet Abraham and his descendants to hold an important role in human spiritual development. The best known Abrahamic religions are Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

          I think you can look at these three and see that it is not just homophobia, but as well the suppression of women, too that runs through these religions. 

          I agree Hakken, members of the Christian, Islam, and Judaism faiths do have blood on their hands when it comes to our community. It is not just one religion like others are trying to point out and it is not ALL members of any religion that hate us.

          It is good that we are unraveling 2000+, 1000+, and 3800+ years respectively of teaching that some are lesser than others.  It is good that not all members of these faiths have blood on their hands. It is good that even LGBTQ+ citizens are members of these Abrahamic religions and are helping to unravel the hate from within these religions. 

          We are making strides, but when other members of our community (not you) point the finger and say ALL Muslims, ALL Christians, ALL Jews, that is just as bad as believing every person of one religion or all of them are looking at us negatively and with hate and disgust and saying ALL LGBTQ+ …

  3. that straight bulgarian

    that straight bulgarian/croatian couple should not only be arrested but be deported.

    they say they hate gays yet they are in a country that is one of the most LGBT friendly in the world.

    the one year old should be removed from the parents – better off to be in a foster home than these homophobic a-holes.


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