Thousands Danced & Protested At New Dehli Pride

Screenshot via YouTube @The Perspective

LGBTQ people in New Delhi, India joined together to celebrate Pride.

According to the Associated Press, somewhere between 1,000-2,000 LGBTQ citizens and allies marched through New Delhi this past Sunday. These marchers celebrated LGBTQ pride and existence while waving rainbow flags, wearing rainbow clothing, holding signs, and dancing in the street.

“[Pride is] acceptance of self before anyone else accepting you. It’s about being of one true color and of all colors at the same time,” said one participant to The Perspective on YouTube.

That said, it wasn’t all a party. Many of this year’s New Delhi Pride participants came with the plan to protest. Their main focus for protesting is the demand for the legalization of self-identification as any gender.

Currently, a bill is trying to make it so citizens have to register as transgender and then get the approval of government officials by showing proof of surgery. Only then will their identification cards reflect their preferred gender. While the bill was created to support transgender citizens, many feel that it’s actually harmful. Several protesters state that the bill “directly discriminates against the community and strips them of dignity.”

“We still need to do a lot of work. The main reason people come out for Pride is to make people aware. Because we can’t complain about acceptance until we spread awareness,” said another participant to YouTuber Vedika Badlani.

The bill is still being looked over by India’s Parliament, and there’s no word on whether politicians are considering protester’s complaints. But LGBTQ citizens will continue to speak out for their rights. And, they’ll do so just as much as they celebrate their very existence in India and in the world.

Source: Associated Press

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  1. Gender dysphoria is a mental disorder. There is no scientific evidence to state it isn’t. The rising nmber of detransitioners should be an alarm and a call to open one’s eyes. Supporting delusion doesn’t help people.


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