TicTok Tuesday: Is This Something You Should Be Spending/Wasting Your Time On?

Yep, I’ve been told I’m too old to be on TicTok for most say it’s the iGen or Gen Z generation app as they are staking claim to the newest form of Vine/Tumblr or the other quick video apps we’ve recently lost.  But then again Will Smith and Dwayne Johnson are on there among other non-Gen anything stars. But I know I am not too old to enjoy it. 

My curiosity about TikTok was increased when I wrote TikTok’s Local Moderation Guidelines Allow Pro-LGBT Content To Be Banned.  So I had to go on and see if TikTok was gay in ‘Merika or not.  Sweet Jesus, it’s hella gay.

TikTok kinda works like Facebook.  As it learns what you watch, it will recommend members’ videos “For You” as well as show you new content from those users you “Follow”.

I like going for the surprise and just keep the setting on “For You” and since I’m tending to watch the gay stuff more than the ladies’ offerings, it be just about 90% all about the gay boys. 

Here are some of the TikToks I thought were sharable for many different reasons. 

@nickstoptalking … Yes!  Stop talking and listen to yourself.  Nick is actually pretty funny so keep talking. In this quick blurb, he talks about realizing he has met the perfect man during their first date.  Ugh, we’ve all been there, Nick.

Some of the humor found on TikTok is about those lovely “dating apps” we use to make a healthy wholesome connection with other gays.  @jeffums19 has a ton of great material, but this one was the first one we saw and knew we needed to follow for more. 

We covered this one a little while ago in its own post where a mom finds out her son is a bottom? maybe?


Well, of course we’re all horn dogs and TikToks seem to revolve around the sex or testing your sex appeal. And then sometimes, the camera is flipped back on other media to show how WOW they can be. This next one leaves me asking who are the writer’s of this toon?

Once in a while a non-gay video/TikTok will pop in and when they’re this good, I don’t mind at all. 

But going back to the gay stuff.  We all know that life is not all about abs and love and humor.  Some TikTok users kinda blow your mind and share their lives with you.  This guy takes the cake for stepping up to the plate.

Have you given TikTok a chance? To either watch or make your own?  I mainly hop on TikTok for about 10 to 15 views a day.  I find it something to just be brainless about, watch some good humor, listen to some fellow gays, and to see what others may be talking about.  It’s a lot healthier than wasting time on the “dating apps” with all that spam!


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