Tiffany Pollard Is Returning!

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We’re Ending 2020 With A Much Needed Tiffany Pollard AKA I Love New York Reunion!

Back before social media controlled the world, we aligned based on our favorite media and were forced to socialize in person over said books, films, and television. Fourteen years ago, the masses were introduced to twenty women who would be vying for the love of former Rapper and eccentric hype man, Flava Flav, in his Bachelor-inspired series, Flavor of Love. If you were lucky enough to have watched live and in real time, you already know the phenomenon that took over. The first season gave us one of the best reality television series ever, and that is mainly because of three particular contestants: Schatar Sapphira AKA Hottie, Brooke Thompson AKA Pumkin, and the legendary reality television goddess, Tiffany Pollard AKA New York.


After a literal spit exchange between Thompson and Pollard – and Pollard’s overall polarizing, yet captivating performance earned her a spot in the second season and eventually VH1 siphoned every ounce of Pollard that they could with many spin off series, including her own Bachelorette-inspired dating show, I Love New York. Like Flavor of Love, Pollard’s show was explosive and has earned its rightful place in the Reality Television Hall of Fame. While Pollard has continued to work and bounced from show to show over the last decade, she and her gentlemen suitors are getting a much-needed reunion premiering next month.

According to Page Six, Pollard is reuniting with a handful of the guys from both seasons of her dating show. We can definitely expect to see Jason Rosell AKA Heat as he has spoke about it on his personal Facebook account. Now, we can only write in our own fan fictions on who will make the ultimate return.


As Ranker addressed last year, the I Love New York men have gone on to be media figures in their own right. David Otunga AKA Punk dated Academy Award winner, Jennifer Hudson, for years and now works in the WWE. Jamal Trulove AKA Milliown was sent to jail and eventually released and rewarded $10M when it was discovered police officers fabricated evidence to incriminate him for a murder. Sandro Padron AKA Rico went on to become a porn star under the name Marco Rivera (your welcome). Former winner of Pollard’s heart, George Weisgerber, is family-man living in New York. It will be exciting to find out what happened to Lee Marks AKA Mr. Boston since his awkward reality television stint. And, the ever so-sexy and homoerotic David Amerman AKA 12 Pack definitely needs to return to see if he still has that sensational body!

Now, Pollard is still busy being popular on social media and continues to get work. She has a hysterical YouTube series, Brunch with Tiffany, and has a ton of LGBTQ guests/friends like plenty of the RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni. Pollard is still the zany, outrageous person we’ve always known and have always loved, so many fans of her are excited to see her return in any capacity. What is perhaps the biggest question to answer…will her mother, Sister Michelle Rothschild-Patterson, make a cameo appearance?! Or maybe a small blurb from Schatar Sapphira herself? She’s still so relevant, especially her Beyonce exchange with Pollard, that she has fans recreating her hilarious looks as Halloween costumes (below)! Fingers are crossed!

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I Love New York: Reunited premieres on VH1 on November 23rd and you can bet it’s going to be must watch television!


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