Tiger King Cast Has Profitted From Your Binge-watching And New Projects

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

“Tiger King,” the Netflix docuseries become a massive hit of the global pandemic. It tells the story of the war between Joe Exotic, the owner of G.W. Zoo, and Carole Baskin, lead at Big Cat Rescue.

The show was a massive hit turning the cast into instant celebs, research by Bader Scott shows what the stars of the show are doing since their newfound fame. 


Carole Baskin To Make Over $1 Million In 2020 By Sending Personal Messages To Fans

Fans can pay $200 for Carole to record a 30-second personalized video message on Cameo

Animal rights activist, Carole Baskin is now available on Cameo to give fans paid-for personalized messages.

Carole, 59, has created an account on American video-sharing website Cameo, which allows users to buy personalized video messages for a fee. On her account, fans can request a video from Carole for $200, and she has reportedly raked up over $20,000 in earnings on her first day! 


If Baskin can continue to make what she earned in her first day every week ($20,000), then over the course of a year she would net over $1 million. 

Carole’s profile says:

“You know me as “Tiger King” Joe Exotic’s intended murder victim but my real life’s work has been at Big Cat Rescue for a world where all wild cats live free. Please be a voice for cats: BigCatAct.com“.

To date, Baskin has received over 70 positive reviews from Cameo users, and has a collection of nine videos total on her page showing samples of the messages she’s recorded so far. 


Saff Appears In Personal Injury Commercial

Saff lost an arm to a tiger while working in Joe Exotic’s infamous zoo, The Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, Oklahoma, in 2013. He was attacked when he put his arm through the cage and a tiger ripped it off. The aftermath of the attack was captured on film and shown in Episode 2: Cult of Personality, of Tiger King. 

Saff has since appeared in a new commercial for Georgia-based law firm Bader Scott, sharing his story of personal injury at work.

He was offered the choice of two years of reconstructive surgery, or amputation. He chose the latter, and returned to work within the space of a week, and decided not to make a claim for his injury at work. According to research, Saff could have claimed a maximum of $88,825 for his injury. 


In the commercial, Saff speaks extensively for the first time about what happened that day and how his injury changed his life.



Kelci ‘Saff’ Saffery said:

“I had to relearn to live with just one hand, compared to the two I was used to for almost 30 years. I had to learn everything all over again, small things that you don’t consider, like tying your shoes, buttoning your pants, putting on a T-shirt, getting ready in the morning became an obstacle.

“My job options are definitely more narrow; there’s a lot of jobs that I psychically cannot do. Your injuries are permanent, they are life long, and your job is not.” 

Seth Bader founder of personal injury specialists Bader Scott said:

Accidental injury can bring unforeseen expenses with medical care, expenses and significant damage causing unexpected life disruption. Life may never be the same again, from working ability to simple day-to-day activities.


“As Tiger King was viewed by millions of people it makes Saff one of the most widely recognized incidents of personal injury at work in recent times. So when we decided we wanted to run a commercial to educate people on this subject, we knew that Saff was the perfect person to work with.”   

Joe Exotic May Host Radio Show From Prison

Photo Courtesy of Santa Rosa County Jail

Meanwhile, for Joe Exotic, life has not been as lucrative or pleasant. The former zoo owner, 57, is currently serving a 22-year prison sentence after being convicted of plotting to kill Carole.


Recently Carole took over the Oklahoma zoo that once belonged to Joe. 

The former presidential hopeful has spoken up in letters from prison as to his health, both mental and physical, saying he has been denied access to medication and that he is feeling ‘abandoned’.

However his husband Dillon Passage revealed to the Metro that he may have his own radio show “This radio station here in the US wants him to have his own radio show from inside the prison.”

Jeff Lowe Gets Own Reality Show

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

Jeff Lowe was Joe Exotic’s “friend”, who ended up taking his zoo from him. While Carole Baskin has now been granted that zoo, Lowe said he was happy with the ruling, saying that he didn’t really want it anyway.

Jeff told website TMZ

 “In all honesty, and people probably won’t believe me, but [Carole Baskin] deserves this property. She beat Joe, he didn’t defend himself and she’s entitled to the judgement. We didn’t defend this suit because we knew, 1) the law would be on her side, and 2) it wasn’t worth us defending this property because we didn’t want it.”


He also told TMZ that he and wife are to be part of a new reality show which will “divulge a lot more information about the relationship between him and Joe Exotic”. 

John Finlay Has New Teeth And Is A Motivational Speaker

Photo Courtesy of Netflix

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix 


Joe Exotic’s ex-husband John Finlay is now married to a woman and has got a new set off teeth. He set up his own his own Facebook page called “The Truth about John Finlay” where he shares his side of the Tiger King story. He now works as a welder and motivational speaker. He also has a new set of teeth, and is disappointed it didn’t make the final edit of Tiger King.

John Finlay said:

“Yes I have my teeth fixed. The producers of the Netflix series had video and pictures of this but chose not to show it.”


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