Times David and Patrick Restored Our Faith in True Love

Here at Instinct, we love a heartwarming show, and if you’re after a romantic, smile-inducing show that will make you ugly cry because your heart is just so full (didn’t know that was even possible), Schitt’s Creek definitely fits the bill.

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The show follows the formerly ultra-wealthy Roses, who, after being conned by their business manager, were whisked off to the town of Schitt’s Creek with nothing but the couture on their backs.


The six-season series takes viewers in a roller coaster ride of emotions as the Roses, notoriously allergic to sentiment, find themselves adjusting and even developing feelings of endearment for the tiny town in the boonies and its idiosyncratic inhabitants.

One thing we love about Schitt’s Creek is the way it completely normalized LGBTQ relationships. From the way David explained pansexuality to Stevie using a wine metaphor to David and Patrick’s soulmate-level love affair, the show truly represents in a way many other shows fail to do well.

In fact, in “Best Wishes, Warmest Regards: A Schitt’s Creek Farewell,” a documentary special about the cultural impact of “Schitt’s Creek,” the cast tears up as they read a powerful letter signed by signed by 1,800 mothers of LGBTQ kids. Signed by Momma Bears from ‘Serendipity Doo-Dah for Moms,’ the letter expressed gratitude for the show’s message of acceptance.



For all of you out there who are fans of David and Patrick’s adorable and very relatable relationship, we rounded up some (just some, ‘cause there’s just too many) of their on-screen moments that definitely made us happy cry a little:

  1. Season 3, Episode 8: When David left confusing but adorable voicemails for Patrick

After deciding to open up a new business, David meets Patrick, a professional slated to assist him with business licensing, for the first time. When Patrick gave David his business card, the latter ended up leaving a pretty cringe-y series of voicemails that suggested a new crush forming.

  1. Season 3, Episode 13: When Patrick gave David a thoughtful birthday gift

On David’s birthday, Patrick gave him a birthday present that “isn’t a big deal:” the framed receipt from Rose Apothecary’s first sale. To which David replied: “Um, this is not nothing.” He knows.



  1. Season 3, Episode 13: When they kissed for the first time

After David’s birthday dinner, the one where Patrick gave him an “underwhelming” gift, the two share a moment in the car where they eventually dive in for a kiss.


  1. Season 4, Episode 6: When Patrick serenaded David

In an attempt to liven up Rose Apothecary, David reluctantly agrees to host an open mic at the store. To his surprise, he gets serenaded by his “butter-voiced beau” with an acoustic rendition of Tina Turner’s “The Best.”

  1. Season 4, Episode 10: When David serenaded Patrick

After their first major fight, David extends an “olive branch” to Patrick in the form of a spirited song and dance number.


  1. Season 4, Episode 12: When Patrick said I love you for the first time

Normal people say “I love you.” Then there’s Patrick, who confesses his feelings by saying “You’re my Mariah Carey.” If that isn’t the best way to tell someone you love them, I don’t know what is.



Bonus clip: the real Mariah Carey sings ‘Hero’ with the rest of the cast:

  1. Season 6, Episode 2: When David wet the bed

The pair wake up to a wet in the bed, only to realize that David has rediscovered his habit of wetting the bed, which he used to do as a child whenever he got excited. The way Patrick showed patience, support, understanding and his protective nature (when he asked Moira and Alexis to take down the accidental broadcast detailing the incident on FB live) during a vulnerable moment for David is just — *screams in Moira*


  1. Season 6, Episode 13: When David gave up New York for Patrick

The stars have aligned for the Roses, and they’re beginning to make plans to leave Schitt’s Creek. While it has always been David’s dream dream to move back to New York, he instead buys the house in town that Patrick adored. He explains: “It’s not where you want to be, and I don’t want to be anywhere you don’t want to be.”


Happy Pride, everyone! Here’s to finding love that will remain steadfast and true, even after a spray-tan-session-gone-wrong ends up making you look like a cheese puff.

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