Tina Burner Stops Traffic With ‘If You See Something Slay Something’

One of the most “New York” things about New York City is that within the hallowed transportation hubs of the famed metropolis you very well might just end up stumbling over the next best musical thing. Whether it’s hearing soaring and undiscovered R&B talent or an impromptu jam session, the New York City mass transit system has become known for being the place that many performance dreams are realized. Tina Burner has taken that dream and realized it in her new video “If You See Something Slay Something.” Burner emerges from a New York City train (in a Florence D’Lee original, inspired by New York City itself) taking her citizenry seriously, with a comedic twist; ‘If You See Something Slay Something” indeed!


Music that comes from New York City queens is historically known to be somewhat of a family affair, and “If You See Something Say Something” is no exception. Joining Burner on the project is DJ and music visionary Mitch Ferrino (of Bob The Drag Queen’s ‘Purse First’ fame) handling the music, while Austin Nunes crafted the video. In addition, Burner recruited some of her own favorite New York City dolls to be a part of the production. Not only is the sensational Kari Kerning portraying her own interpretation of New York City’s famed Pizza Rat, but New York City drag darlings Holly Box-Springs, Bootsie Lefaris, Egypt, Chelsea Piers, Brenda Dharling, and Yasmine Delano all joined Burner, stomping all over Times Square and beyond. Behind the scenes, In addition to a dress by the now legendary D’Lee, one of New York City’ biggest emerging names, Selma Nilla handled the hair for the production. 

This is of course, not Burner’s first foray into music. As one fifth of the boy band 5th Ring, Burner was part of the syrupy sweet, yet swoon- worthy group, releasing their single “Can’t Say” in 2001. Head to the 2:40 mark and check out the pipes on this future superstar, serving frosted tips realness!


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