Tom Chase Is Nearly 60 And Ready To Make More Films

Gay porn legend Tom Chase
Tom Chase (image via Facebook)

Adult entertainment legend Tom Chase, who became a star in the 1990s with Falcon Studios and the 2000s with Colt, has overcome a years long journey through personal pain, and says he’s ready to make more adult films.

Chase sat down with Tim Murphy of The Caftan Chronicles to take a deep dive into Chase’s career, personal challenges and how he overcame them.


Chase (whose real name is Tom Moore) opens up extensively about his time with the two big adult entertainment studios, and the differences in working with each. Plus, he shares how he planned his own porn career trajectory and eventually executed that very plan.

Asked how old he was when he first had sex with a man Chase is candid sharing that it was at age 16 with an older man (28), and that he actually approached the man. Chase thinks his attraction to older men was rooted in a rift that developed with his own father that lasted most of his life.


“I had a major break with my dad early on. When I was five, I gave my dad a stuffed watermelon pillow for his birthday. He took me into the other room and said, ‘Don’t you ever buy me something like this again.’ So right then, I knew this was not a man to trust or learn from. I knew what he did was wrong. So I decided I would not let him raise me. The wall went up on him and he could never reach me again. I survived because I behaved myself until I could move out after age 18.”

He went on to add, “I wasn’t letting my dad raise me, so as I entered into homosexuality, I needed the advice and guidance of older men.”

Having lived much of his young life in Dallas, he moved to Boston in the mid-1980s just as the AIDS epidemic was beginning. Chase found he flourished amid the more liberal mindset of the city, and the men – who he found to be masculine and beautiful.

And then, in 1989, he tested positive for HIV at the age of 24. Thinking no corporation would hire someone HIV+, he decided to become a fitness trainer as a means of being self-employed. He’d always had a hankering to be famous. Being HIV+, Chase thought he wouldn’t have the time to put in 20 years or so in Hollywood to achieve his dreams.

Gay porn legend Tom Chase
Tom Chase (screen capture via YouTube)

But being fit and good-looking, he thought he could “make a few porn movies and at least my friend will have something to look at when I die.”

So he approached Falcon Studios, one of the largest and most successful at the time. “I decided that if I was going to do this, I’m going to go to the best first, because they’d make me look good even if I f*cked it up.”

He says his pitch to Falcon went something like this:


“I want to be called Tom Chase and I want to be a model and document the sexual and physical maturation of a gay boy into a man. I’m currently 30 and I look 18, so I intend to bodybuild and grow hair and grow into a man over a period of 15 years.”

And it worked. He starred in Falcon films from 1996-2001, winning awards along the way. He describes the making of adult movies as “exhausting work.” Almost everything was scripted and the direction of a scene was predetermined before shooting. He also explains what it’s like to have 10-15 people surrounding you with cameras, microphones, light reflectors and more as you’re having sex. Some scenes would take up to ten hours to shoot 20 minutes of film.

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Chase also shares about his relationship with his penis and how it was clearly a major factor in his career. Asked if he ever gets tired of people commenting on his member, Chase says absolutely not. “Look, after years of being called a fa**ot, I’ll take any compliment,” he explained. “It’s a beautiful d*ck. I’m not complimenting myself—that’s just a fact. I first became aware of how big it was when I started getting boners in high school. You can’t hide a ten and a half inch hard d*ck under your jeans.”

Porn legend Tom Chase
Tom Chase (screen capture via YouTube)

By the time the 2000s rolled around, Chase moved to Colt Studios where the models were older, more hairy and muscular. Which pretty much fit into Chase’s career plan. He relates that the approach to shooting scenes there was slightly different than Falcon. Often scenes would be shot from further away with more medium to long shots, and would be done in about 3-4 hours.

It was in 2002, however, that Chase began a dark period in his life that he would spend some ten years to work through. He points to that moment as a child with his father as the spark that began the spiral downward. “When I put up that wall against him, I did it to everyone else. A wall went up inside me. That was the darkness. I put myself in prison.”

Chase worked through the tough times on his own, following his conscience. One of the biggest changes he made in his life was cutting ties with his entire family for several years. He told them, “We are all toxic when we’re together.”


He kept making films until 2010, but says he wasn’t enjoying anything at that point. “I was on the cusp of the worst part of this journey, the removal of the inside of me.” He refers to the process as “my ego fading away.”

Today, Chase still works as a fitness trainer making around six figures a year. His parents, who he never spoke to about his porn career, have passed away. He says he’s lost the shame he once had about gay sex, and lives a healthy life. After cutting ties to toxic family, toxic friends, and even his toxic self, he says he’s happy and free.

And – he’d like to return to porn for a few more movies before he reaches 70.

All in all the interview is a fascinating read about journeying through many of the challenges gay men face in life. And Chase is extremely candid and frank about all of it.


Head over to The Caftan Chronicles to read the full piece. About half of the interview is viewable for free, while the second half is behind a pay wall ($5 a month subscription to the substack).

I found the read definitely worth the price. Chase comes across as level-headed and clear-eyed about who he is and what he wants out of life. Highly recommend you check it out.

(source: The Caftan Chronicles)

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  1. Always liked the scenes Tom Chase did with Falcon. GL guy with a muscular build, Big fat cock and a beautiful ass. Was jealous of the scene he did with Mike Branson who to this day is a Porn God and to think he Bottomed for that Stallion, yum. Chase may be approaching 60 years old but would still get plenty of attention with that horsecock that knew how to bring the best out of a Bottom and I am sure many of the younger sluts would like to willing to spread their ass for one of the Best in the Business. Would like to see Chase powerfuck Michael Boston or Matthew Ellis……accomplished Bottoms that like Daddy Cock.

  2. I met Tom outside of Porn, he is a really Good man, a person who wants to help everyone and a real true good human. After reading this about him, I feel we have a lot more in common than just being one of the few people still alive from or Porn era. I never worked with Tom but as a friend and a good human, I dont think they get much better. I hope God blesses the man everyday of his life and beyond.
    Jeff Stryker

  3. Tom was my personal trainer when I lived in Boston. This was before he began his acting career – and I remember him being an amazing trainer and a really good guy.

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