Tom Daley Takes Husband Dustin Lance Black To Work

In 2017, Tom Daley won gold in the 10m platform at the World Championships and no one was happier for him than his husband, Dustin Lance Black. That is until this past week.


Two days before the World Championships, Dustin Lance Black, who goes by Lance, bet his husband that if he wins the World's, he will dive the 10m with Tom. And the time has finally come for Lance to pay the piper.




In a video posted to his YouTube channel, Tom shows Lance the ropes of diving. He starts him out on a 1m platform and gradually the two go up higher and higher, but not without lots of complaining from Lance and some pretty bad form, too (To be fair, we can't do any better).

Particularly impressive is how great Lance looks in his Speedo, but apparently, the Speedo does little to shield Lance from the pain of diving. At one point, he even asks to have his "bits rubbed."  

Will Lance jump from 10m? Watch the video below to find out. 



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